Where to start a divorce? The first and correct question is for the spouses, if they decided to leave. Divorce, implying formal divorce, not separation, should be prepared and considered. Breaking up a relationship is not easy. Separation is a sad and difficult moment in life. Therefore, you should make the most of it.

We do not recommend starting a dissolution in a hurry. You should think it over a hundred times and carry out some preparation. We made a plan of the most important 5 points, which will be discussed in this publication.

Checklist where to start a divorce:

  • View general information about the divorce procedure in Orlando.
  • Choose a divorce lawyer.
  • Collect the necessary documents.
  • Decide on finances and place of residence.

Weigh the pros and cons”.

  1. Gather information about the divorce procedure in Orlando

Why is it important? Divorce procedure in Orlando is very different from divorce in the CIS countries so it’s better to take time and find the best divorce attorney. For clients, usually, after explaining the basic procedural differences, a shock occurs. For a painless and successful obtaining a certificate of divorce, we believe that it is better to prepare yourself mentally in advance and understand what you have to face.

The main differences and features of the Orlando divorce process:

  • Much longer in time;
  • Divorce is possible only in court;
  • Participation of a lawyer is required;
  • Big financial burden.

For clarification, contact a family lawyer. Initial consultation is usually with all lawyers relatively cheap or shareware. At the consultation, it makes sense to ask specific questions, and for this you should have basic knowledge.

  1. Choosing a divorce lawyer

According to German law, divorce in Orlando takes place only in court and only with the participation of a lawyer. The lawyer will become your advocate and legal adviser for the duration of the divorce. We advise you to consider the following nuances when choosing a lawyer:

  • You should be comfortable communicating, preferably in your native language, for a full understanding of the clarification of legal norms and a joint choice of legal tactics;
  • Pay attention to competence and experience, incl. it is advisable to look for a lawyer specializing in family and financial law;
  • Enlist the availability of a lawyer in case of additional questions or changes in any circumstances of the case.

If you find the support of a competent lawyer before the start of a divorce, then usually, this avoids gross errors. The lawyer, if necessary, will be able to give important advice at the very early stage of separation, with which you will be legally prepared.

  1. To collect a set of documents necessary for a divorce

To successfully start a divorce proceedings, you will need to have the following documents. Guided by our practice, we want to note that it would be nice to pick up and store all the original documents issued in your name outside the place of joint residence. Cases of opposition from the second spouse are frequent. He begins to hide information on income and expenses or a marriage certificate, without copies of which it is impossible to begin the process of divorce. A lawyer can demand documents, but it’s easier and faster to own copies of documents in advance.

The list of documents depends on the specific case, here are the main ones:

  • birth and marriage certificates;
  • identity cards;
  • insurance policies and pension contracts;
  • Sales and / or credit agreements for valuable goods (automobiles, jewelry, etc.);
  • If necessary, extract from the land register, etc.
  • Photocopies or scans of your documents of income and expenses (payroll, tax returns, statements of all accounts, investments or loans, etc.).
  • We recommend having copies of financial documents for all years of marriage, as well as a year before the wedding.
  1. Finances and place of residence

According to Orlando law, spouses are required to live separately for at least 12 months before the dissolution of the marriage. This is a long period. Joint property will become separate. You should know about this and be prepared for this. In this publication, we do not address the complex cases of family relationships related to violence, where individuals are protected by the Law on the Protection of Victims of Violence. However, difficulties always arise in families with children, where only one of the spouses earned. The poor spouse will have questions: Where to live? What to live for?

Finance. Orlando is a social state supporting the poor. It provides various types of financial assistance and subsidies. In addition, it is possible to request child support for yourself and / or children Their Approximate amount can be found on the table. One way or another, liquid assets will be required for further independence, at least for the first time.

In addition, we recommend opening a new bank account in another bank in your name. If necessary, use the address of friends or parents so that the spouse is not in the know. Close all joint accounts immediately after starting a separate stay.

Housing. For spouses with children, this is a crucial issue. What life will be like with a parting spouse in the same residential area – no one will say. People tend to change dramatically. Ideal – move out to one of the spouses.

If you are financially independent and the decision to terminate the relationship is solid, then search for new housing as early as possible. In parallel, prepare the most necessary for settlement. Separate housing will help pick up personal items, documents and valuables in advance. Do not make the new address public. Remember to protect personal data, for your own safety.

  1. Once again, weigh the pros and cons of the divorce

If possible, save the marriage – try to save! For example, try taking a break in a relationship or contact a family psychologist. Often, customers show a manifestation of a negative attitude towards their spouse and even to themselves. There is hardly anything more painful than a divorce. But, anger, hatred, and disappointment – these are all bad allies. Consciously approach the separation.

If, nevertheless, you are determined to divorce and you are sure that a joint future is unrealistic, then start preparing for a divorce.

Preparation of documents and preliminary communication with a lawyer are two highly recommended tips. They will help to avoid many injustices and protect your rights.

You have read all the material above. We hope that the question “Where to start a divorce?” Is already not so urgent. Most likely new questions have arisen. This is natural. Ask!

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