Have you or someone you know been the victim of an accident? You might have been driving along minding your own business when another car or even a truck came out of nowhere and hit you.

Maybe you were just walking and got hit by a car while crossing the street because the person who was driving was simply not paying attention for one reason or another, even texting in the worst of cases.

Perhaps your accident is different, but it does not matter if it was a car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, truck accident, construction accident, premises liability injury, or any other type of accident; if you sustained injuries because of the negligent actions of another person, the law clearly states that you are entitled to compensation.

Do you really need a personal injury attorney?

Countless accidents occur on a daily basis on and off our roads, on construction sites, in businesses and even on residential properties. The injuries that result from these accidents might be minor or could be something that will have lifelong effects. A lot of times, victims are not able to return to work. The medical bills start to pile up and they can’t even work. In such a situation, people will use up what little savings they have and can end up losing their homes and everything that they have worked so long and hard for. If this has happened to you, the best advice that anyone can give you is to talk to an injury attorney. But you might be hesitant about having to deal with lawyers. After all, do you really need one? The answer to that is a resounding yes!

Reasons to get an accident injury attorney to help you with your case:

  1. Experience matters a great deal

You might think that you can just sit down with an insurance company and deal with them on your terms, but that is just not going to happen. You do not have the experience of similar cases, the knowledge of accident injury law, or the knowledge of insurance company tactics that a personal injury attorney has.

  1. No Win No Fee policy

Personal injury attorneys usually offer a “no win no fee” guarantee. This has two direct benefits for you: It ensures that your attorney will try to get the biggest settlement that he possibly can and that you will not have to pay anything for his services if not.

  1. Hiring a personal injury attorney saves you from dealing with hassles

There are a lot of minor details that go into filing a lawsuit against an insurance company and other liable parties. Law firms have paralegals and other employees who take care of these minor details and it involves a lot of petitioning for records and going through those records. Not only is that a big hassle, but you might not even notice something that they certainly would, and that just might be the thing that costs you your case! All the personal injury attorney’s like Console and Associates P.C. have experience for years to get the case in your favor.

  1. A Personal Injury Attorney can negotiate properly

The last step in a lawsuit is to go to trial. But that is a lengthy and costly process that no one wants. It does not benefit the insurance company and it does not benefit you. A personal injury attorney will do his or her best to get you a beneficial deal without having to go to trial; that will make the entire process a lot faster and easier for you.

  1. You have to fight fire with fire!

You can be sure that you are not the first person to sue an insurance company for damages. Insurance companies have a lot of experience with this and so do their lawyers. And given the fact that insurance companies want to pay you as little as they can possibly get away with, you have to have a good and experienced personal injury lawyer representing your interests because he or she will know precisely how to handle the insurance company’s lawyers.

  1. A personal injury lawyer will obtain a higher settlement

Without an experienced personal injury lawyer representing you, you could have an insurance company lawyer come to you with an offer that seems OK to you, so you take it without realizing that you are getting robbed and deserve a lot more. That is simply not acceptable, you have to get what the law says you deserve, and an injury lawyer can help you to do that. Not only will he or she have the experience to know what you do deserve, but they will fight tooth and nail for it too, since their payment depends on that settlement.

  1. Better trial results

You might be able to handle negotiations with an insurance company’s legal team or even take them to trial yourself, or at least feel that you can. But if that actually does happen, the results will probably be disastrous. How many cases have you taken to trial? You can be sure that the insurance company’s lawyers have a lot more experience doing that than you! Mistakes will be made and those mistakes mean money lost that would otherwise help you and your family.

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