Lashia LadyBoomBoxx Levins

As an artist, songwriter, producer, and DJ, Lashia Levins has worked tirelessly to climb the industry ladder. 

Having grown up with both her parents being music lovers, Lashia has been immersed in music and music-oriented culture since a very young age, as both of her parents are performers. While growing up, she was in the church choir and she often accompanied her mother on her way to studios, concerts, and concerts at which her mother sang the background music to A-list performers such as Elton John and Maroon 5.

She developed a love for music through her passion for and ability to play it. To sharpen her skills, her mother enrolled her in dance classes, piano classes, and voice lessons to encourage and foster her budding creativity.

“She would also put me in a marching band and buy me all kinds of musical instruments for the house. I would make mixtapes that I would DJ and record music. She didn’t care what it sounded like. She’d play my music in her car,” Lashia recounted. 

Her mother and industry professionals helped Lashia Levins record her first professional song in 10th grade. Besides the fact that she has a most excellent voice, she possesses a great intellect, a high level of confidence, as well as a high level of charisma, which make her one of the most exciting contemporary musical artists.

Despite the fact that Lashia made her big screen debut as a rising star, she does not have it all her way as a young artist. The truth is that she had not one, but two devastating injuries: she had been abused and while she was involved in an accident of tragic proportions, the extent of her harm caused her to be confined to a wheelchair temporarily until she recovered from her  injuries. In spite of the hardship, she used the downtime to earn a degree in music production and prepare for the future. Ladyboomboxx did not let experiences or setbacks define her.

“Without music, I wouldn’t have been able to express myself in the ways that I did. Every time I was kicked down, I was determined to get back up. There is no doubt that a little bit of faith can take you further than you could have ever imagined. My belief is that there are always guardian angels around, and I firmly believe God will always plant your feet in the right place at the right time. You just have to be strong enough to take the first step,” Lashia said.

Besides her musical endeavors, Lashia is also involved in community development, which enriches her worldview. Over the course of her college career, she has been involved in a number of community service projects, such helping to raise funds to support global health and education, organizing clothing drives and working with teachers to promote the development of electronic music production in schools as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. . Having served in the military means that she has also worked closely with the Department of Defense and FEMA in order to provide assistance to cities in areas that have experienced war or natural disasters in the past.

In the present day, Lashia Levins is a woman in the music industry which is known for its competitiveness, and she continues to forge ahead, identifying these challenges not as obstacles, but rather as motivation to keep striving forward.

” My recovery and all the pain I have endured while working in this industry have helped me to motivate myself to make the most out of my career,” Ladyboomboxx said. She and her label The Formula Music Entertainment have a number of exciting upcoming projects coming up,” said Ladyboomboxx.

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