Understanding all about asphalt or bitumen paving is not the job or within the capacity of the common man or layman. That is why such jobs are best handled by reliable bitumen paving services, which knows the quality of raw materials they are handling, knows how to handle, have the right tools to work on the things, and can complete a job with real experience, expertise and know how on real time.

If you are concerned about getting a bitumen road or pavement done, then you will have to talk to some bitumen paving services or contractors. This will give you a better direction from the beginning of planning.

Places Where Bitumen Paving Goes Perfect

The places where bitumen paving goes perfect are driveways, car parking, footpaths, roads, tennis courts, bike paths, freeways etc., and all such lanes where heavy traffic is anticipated. In fact bitumen paving makes the road so strong, that you can plan for an asphalt road in any place which would get a high traffic. To protect the ground underneath from the high pressure of traffic, you can get the place bitumen paved, even if the area is small.  Thus, we say bitumen pavements can be made both for smaller and bigger areas.

More about Bitumen Pavements

Bitumen pavements can be made from a lot of things. But the main material used is bitumen in liquid form, which mixes with the materials to form a solid strong foundation for the road. This is flattened in semisolid state and cooled to form the strong bitumen paved roads. Before you find out why bitumen is used so widely in paving roads, you should know that it’s a byproduct obtained during distillation of crude petroleum. As gasoline, diesel, petrol, and other by products are filtered and obtained one by one during the process, bitumen is also obtained.

Importance of Bitumen Paving

The main reasons it’s used in road construction are:

  • It’s highly economical, and its supply is abundant worldwide.
  • It’s a great binder.
  • It has great viscosity.
  • The elasticity of bitumen is very optimum for making the asphalt cement mix.
  • Bitumen mixes can be made in a variety of compositions to suit the road type as per anticipated usage.
  • The melting point of bitumen is low thus making it a good mix for surface dressing, and it gives a good resistance also.
  • Due to low melting point bitumen mix can be recycled, brought back to the original molten state, and can be used with new bitumen mix too.
  • Awesome adhesive nature.
  • Nontoxic due to absence of hydrocarbons.
  • Traditionally bitumen is black. But bitumen can also be colored by adding color pigments and the organic black color can be overridden.
  • Bitumen pavements bring in enough surface friction for balancing tires.
  • Surface drainage is also very smooth and good in bitumen paved roads.

The visco elastic and thermoplastic properties of bitumen makes it the perfect road making raw material, which gives the road the perfect strength, tenacity, and load withstanding properties from heavy traffic and heavy loads of vehicles and foot traffic.

How to plan for a Bitumen Paving

To get the place paved in bitumen, you will have to hire some good bitumen paving services. Bitumen pavers have their own trucks, bitumen mixers, tools and trained manpower to work for long hours and complete pavements on time. Rates will vary, and you will have to take quotes and time estimates before you begin. The service provider will guide you, if you need to take special permissions for the work done in your area or not.

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