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Why Men Should Do Yoga for a Better Sex Life

Some men are able to have sex four hours without getting tired and without stopping, while others find that they can only last a few minutes. The difference between these men is often sexual stamina and energy.

While sex is an important part of a man’s life and even yields a large number of benefits, without an adequate amount of sexual stamina, a high libido and a connection with themselves, men are unable to perform well in bed. A lack of these essential elements can often lead to disappointment in a relationship and may even lead to the usage of a drug, such as Viagra, to provide an improvement in sexual function.

This, however, doesn’t always turn out good as Viagra may cause various harmful side-effects that could even be life-threatening to the user. Users who have used Viagra have reported side-effects such as a shortness of breath, nausea, faintness, loss of vision, chest pain and loss of hearing.

These side-effects will definitely be unpleasant – imagine losing your vision while participating in sexual intercourse.

Some men have found alternative ways to improve their sex life. Exercise, some simple changes in their lifestyle and a better diet often leads to an improved sex drive, higher levels of energy and a boost in sexual stamina. Another way men have been able to boost their sexual function is by practicing yoga on a regular basis.

While this ancient technique is often thought of as an exercise for women, men can also gain a lot of benefits by regularly practicing certain yoga poses. Yoga is becoming much more popular than it has ever been, with more than 15% of the American popular practicing yoga on a regular basis and as much as 28% of American adults stating that they have at least practices yoga once in their lives.

Even though a lot of people see yoga as a women’s exercise, more than 10 million men in the United States alone are actively participating in yoga and have found that it does have a variety of benefits for their overall health, including their sexual abilities.

A Boost in Energy and Stamina

One of the biggest problems men face while participating in sexual intercourse is the fact that they quickly run out of energy and they do not have a lot of stamina. This means that, soon after getting intimate, they will become tired.

When men become tired during sexual intercourse, their erection’s quality may decline, or their erection may even go away – which means a lack of energy and stamina can put a damp on a man’s sex drive. A lot of people combines kegel exercises for men with some excellent yoga strategies – while the Kegel exercises will strengthen the pelvic floor, the yoga will help to boost the man’s energy levels, which is a powerful combination for spicing up a couple’s sex life.

Yoga has been proven to be an effective exercise for improving energy, as well as stamina. There are a variety of yoga poses that can be used to improve energy levels.

These will not only come in handy while the man is having sexual intercourse but will also give him a boost while he is performing day-to-day activities – getting tired and running out of energy at work can lower a man’s level of productivity.

Yoga Journal recommends performing the Camel Pose, Bridge Pose, Cobra Pose and Pigeon Pose to experience a boost in energy levels.

Relieves Back Pain

Back pain is classified as one of the biggest problems that lead to disability throughout the entire world. According to ACA Today, at least 50% of American workers’ experience symptoms of back pain every year, with 80% of all Americans experiencing these symptoms at some point in their lifetime.

Spine Health explains that back pain does not only affect a person’s overall performance and lead to disability but also makes sexual intercourse frustrating and painful. Men often have to find new positions in order to accommodate their back pain during sexual activities.

Once again, yoga comes to the rescue. Charles Matkin, a yoga instructor who runs his yoga studio in New York, explains that yoga is one of the best methods for men to find relieve for back pain. He explains that a modified version of the Downward Facing Dog Pose can be effective and even lead to long-term results.

Improves Flexibility

While flexibility may not be at the top of a man’s priority list, it is still a factor that can greatly improve their ability to perform certain functions during sexual intercourse. Men often tend to focus on building a masculine physique, accompanied by large arms and the perfect six pack. While all of this may be a “sexy” feature, it will not allow the man to be flexible during sexual intercourse.

Yoga is a powerful way to gain better flexibility and can even be coupled with strength training exercises. This means that men do not have to give up their six packs to become more flexible. The Yoga Journal recommends performing the Cow Face Pose, Big Toe Pose, Fire Log Pose, and the Half Frog Pose to provide a significant improvement in flexibility.

Helps To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

Cleveland Clinic reports that as much as 52% of the global adult male population (21 and up) suffer from symptoms that are related to erectile dysfunction. This disorder can cause havoc on a man’s sex life and impair their ability to have sexual intercourse that truly satisfies them.

At the age of 40, up to 40% of men experience more severe symptoms of this disorder, which further impairs the man’s sexual abilities.

While some men opt for Viagra when symptoms of this disorder develop, others find that practicing some simple yoga poses every day helps them beat erectile dysfunctions without causing harm to their body.

The Health Site reports that yoga has been scientifically proven to increase the amount of blood that flows to the pelvic area and it may even help to boost testosterone levels – two factors that can be helpful when a man tries to overcome erectile dysfunction.

They recommend practicing the Seated Forward Bend Pose, Plank Pose, Boat Pose, and the Raise Legs Pose to find these benefits in yoga.


Yoga may not seem like the most masculine thing a man can do, but it is surely one technique that can improve several biological aspects related to sexual health. A lot of men have tried yoga and quickly discovered how powerful these techniques are for improving their sex life.

When yoga simply isn’t enough for improving a man’s sex life, it can be coupled with a natural supplement that supports male health, such as Testo Vital, instead of Viagra or other drugs that are meant for improving erections.

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