Swiss & Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate lovers will not go on with one particular type of chocolate. Just like a foodie would try different types of food throughout their life and won’t stay confined to just one food group. Similarly, chocolate lovers would also not want to get tagged by liking and eating only one kind of chocolates. True chocolate and cocoa flavor lovers would continue their exploration, by trying various types of chocolates, flavors, infusions, and styles.

Needless to say, the two most popular types of chocolates preferred in almost all countries of the world by the choco lovers are Belgian and Swiss chocolates. Hence a store selling Swiss & Belgian chocolates would not only be a favorite hotspot for you, but also a place to always cling, whenever you need fresh supplies of some good quality chocolates. For new explorers, who have just started to realize how much they love chocolates, and how much they want to taste the various types, here is a simple introduction to the differences in the two most popular choco varieties.

The Differences Between Belgian & Swiss Chocolates

There are some great differences between the Swiss & the Belgian chocolates, and yet both rule the taste buds of the sweet lovers from around the world who takes the slightest interest in cocoa.

Belgian chocolates are famous for their rich cocoa content, high aroma, darker color and bitter taste. While Swiss chocolates are famous for their creamier texture, sweeter taste, smoothness, and milk content. Now looking at it in-depth, why these distinctions are so prominent, here are the reasons:

Swiss & Belgian-Chocolate

  • Belgium buys chocolates from Congo and other parts of South Africa, and prefer getting their chocolates transferred to the factories in the liquid state. This means the chocolates which are tempered are not allowed to go solid and cool down, rather they are transferred in a molten heated state in trucks to the factories to ensure that the aroma stays intact. This process of receiving chocolates is quite contrary to the process all other companies follow. Other companies get their chocolates in solid form and lose some of the aromas in the transit, and that’s why Belgian chocolates rule in the aroma.
  • Belgian chocolates are darker for their high Cocoa and less sugar content. With more aroma retained due to the manufacturing process and intense chocolaty taste, the Belgian dark chocolates appeal more than any other dark chocolates of the world.
  • The Swiss chocolates are different from Belgian due to the creamy taste and smoother texture. It’s again due to the manufacturing specialty, that the rich smoothness in texture can be cultivated. Coaching is a process, where the chocolates are warmed before getting ground in rollers. It’s due to the process invented by Rudolph Lindt that the Swiss chocolate rules in a smooth texture.
  • Swiss chocolates are rich in milk content and by far the creamiest and richest tasting chocolates in the world. Again, they have less Cocoa content and more sugar. But this combination makes the chocolates taste and feel very rich and creamy, soft and smooth, and they simply melt great inside the mouth.

Where to Get the Best Chocolates From

You can get chocolates from a lot of sources. The local retailer in your area is also selling chocolates, and then a shopping mall also sells the same and online shops too. But what you are paying for is not just sweetness, and you must remember that as a choco lover you must be devoted to quality also. That is why you should look for shops selling the best of Swiss & Belgian chocolate bars to pamper your taste buds.

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