By Amelie Lawrence

Servicing the vehicle is mandatory for optimal performance and fuel efficiency, and all responsible drivers go for regular maintenance or checkups.

Car repairs can include quick fixes, temporary servicing, and a full system renovation or complete overhaul. In each service category, the mechanic performs a set of repairs to achieve short term, medium term, or long-lasting outcomes respectively.

Minor and major maintenance operations are necessary for assured mileage and overall health of the car.

If you want to maintain your car and avoid any sudden breakdown then you must hire professional car repair center to replace the damaged parts of your car. Apart from that, they have factory trained mechanics and they can also identify the probable problems of your car, and they will solve these issues with their advanced tools and technology.

How would you maintain your car?

Scheduled services at regular intervals are the ideal solution for any good or ordinary brand of motor vehicle. Sometimes accidents can lead to unexpected repairs, while at other times minor maintenance can be effective in reducing the general wear and tear.

The top car repairs include checkup and modifications to engine oil, filters, tyre pressure, wheel nut torque, brake fluid level, and power steering reservoir. The auto’s manufacturer model, frequency of usage, road conditions, etc., determine full service requirements such as repairs or replacements of coolant, gearbox, axle, spark plug, and sealed battery units.

Tips for Oil Change of your car:

An automobile’s engine can guarantee noise-free and speedy performance only if the oil and lubrication are in top condition. Qualified service personnel suggest the following oil change tips can improve the quality of car repairs and maintenance operations-

· The oil’s properties such as type, weight, and viscosity are specific to a model and the manufacturer’s manual has to be referred to confirm this data. The trained mechanics and car repair centers can easily identify the oil deficiency and they can change the oil as well as other lubrications, and they can also change the filters if required.

· Modern engines depend on the oil pressure for internal combustion functions such as regulation of valve timing and timely application of tension to the cambelt.

· An accurate and reliable oil change operation follows the standard requirements of the car’s manual and it does not rely on innovation to avoid ‘check engine’ warnings, internal damage, or poor performance.

· Check regularly and change at frequent intervals, and always purchase premium filters along with suggested synthetic or conventional oil at a reputed auto store.

Although simple car repairs such as oil change do not take more than 20 or 30 minutes, the service requires specialized tools and it also involves grease and clean-up operations. An auto mechanic has all the essential tools such as rubber mallet, plastic sheets, safety glasses, funnel, pan, regular and filter wrenches.

Check the Wheel Balance of Your Car:

Punctures are the most common and familiar problems that are associated with wheels and tyres, and even amateur motorists can diagnose them. But there is more to wheels than meets the eye, and the top-quality car repairs always include wheel alignment test and balancing services.

· A motor vehicle’s wheels, rims, and tyres have to work together for an assured and smooth ride.

· In ideal situations, the wheel’s weight distribution starts at dead center and there is no vertical or lateral wobbling during a drive.

· To prevent the whole car from wobbling, the technician performs a spin test in midair, and checks the weight of the wheels.

Apart from that, car repair centers can also provide you best fuel economy rate and they can also help you to maintain your car according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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