It’s no secret that many places with thriving reefs are also going to have some particularly outstanding potential saltwater fishing options. While many anglers are eager to get out there and see what they can catch, there are many good reasons you need to go with a local reef fishing charter as opposed to trying to go solo or just going with a general unlicensed guide.

Read on to learn why you need to hire a quality reef fishing charter.


There are certain places that are designated for diving or are common scuba and snorkeling spots, and going out there and throwing hooks out just isn’t good and isn’t smart. Where the legal to catch game fish are and where the tourists are will be two different places, and you want to make sure you’re in the right one.

There’s also the fact that reefs can be tricky to navigate around, and you want to make sure your guide truly knows them inside and out from top to bottom.

Licenses & Rules Handled

Working with a guide lets you know what permits you need to purchase (or they may even handle that for you), the rules about what wish can be caught and which need to be thrown back, size restrictions, and other local rules and regulations that can be trouble. Depending on what you’re fishing for, there are even places where you can catch fish up to a specific size, then have to toss them back when they’re more significant than that unless they hit trophy size, then you can keep them again.

Confused? This can happen easily, but the problem is that if you make a mistake, you’re the one who is legally responsible and ignorance of the law isn’t an effective excuse.

Know the Waters

Just because there are a lot of reefs in an area don’t mean the fish you’re looking for will be right in that sport during any time of day. Captains will know which spots to fish and when. They will understand the game fish’s feeding habits and be able to really focus on getting the boat to the right place at the right time. Many guides make the majority of their income off of tips so being able to make sure every angler has a great catch is really strongly in their best interest.

Know Alternative Fishing Strategies

Sometimes one popular method of fishing doesn’t work. Obviously, someone who has fished the reefs for years or even decades will have an excellent idea of what to try up whether it’s a different style of fishing, various lures, or different presentations. That type of knowledge can only come from being a local specialist for many many years and is invaluable when you need it most.

Why Stress Out?

Chances are if you’re going reef fishing you want to spend time hauling in an impressive catch, not worrying about the boat or other details. When you go with a professional charter captain, you get to dump the stress and simply enjoy some quality time out on the water.

As you can see, going with a professional reef fishing charter is definitely the way to go!

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