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Why You Should Experience Live Music at Every Opportunity
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Why You Should Experience Live Music at Every Opportunity

Live music is not merely a form of entertainment. It’s something that can improve your life in many ways, from making your parties a success to literally extending your life. That’s not even counting the many benefits of playing a musical instrument, which is basically a brain-strengthening workout, according to John Rampton, an entrepreneur who writes for Inc.

If you still aren’t convinced that getting to experience live music as often as possible is something you should do, keep on reading.

Live Concerts Reduce Stress

Live concerts are rarely quiet and timid affairs, but this is the best kind of “loud” for an overworked mind. Despite the overall high volume of sound, immersing yourself into such a passionate ambiance is a very effective stress relief technique.

There’s actually a biological reason for this. It turns out that listening to live music literally reduces your cortisol level. Cortisol is the pesky stress hormone that feeds your anxiety and generally ruins your day. But listening to a live band will lower your blood pressure and give the mind a chance to relax, even if you are busy dancing and singing along.

Listening to Live Music Enhances the Feeling of Community

Remember your last concert, did you feel close to the people around you? The sense of camaraderie is always there when you are signing together and overflowing with positive emotions. Our ancestors have known and used this technique for millennia, that’s why all communal festivities involved live music of some sort.

Jacob Sitwell, who has worked with a party furniture rental in NYC for over two decades says and has both visited and helped organize countless events, says that live music is often the “magic ingredient” that can make your party a success. So, you can use it to not only beat the loneliness and anxiety it brings by visiting live concerts. You can use the power of music to bring people closer together at any event you organize. This will make it more enjoyable and memorable for them, which can benefit you in many ways.

Live Music Might Help You Live Longer

Positive emotions and reduced stress invoked by listening to live music have far-reaching effects on your wellbeing. According to Patrick Fagan, a professor who conducted a study on live concerts, experiencing music in such a way can extend your life. Literally.

The music itself doesn’t really have any magic power that makes your cells age slower or anything like it. It’s the power of emotions it invokes within you that leads to this fantastic result. The potency of your happiness and overall positivity when exposed to live music you enjoy is so high, it transforms your wellbeing. Do this regularly (every 2 weeks in the study) and the compounding positive effects might help extend your life.

Note that experiencing music together with other people also factors into this study. This means that concerts, in particular, are most beneficial. So, if you’ve never been to a music festival before, plan to visit one this summer.

Live Music Charges You with Energy

Admittedly, it’s not only live music that helps you feel energized. That’s why doing your cardio with some great upbeat tune is easier than without. However, there is a very special kind of energy present at live music events. The atmosphere is buzzing not only with the effects of the melody but also the excitement of the crowd.

The release of dopamine that follows your immersion into this kind of atmosphere is guaranteed. This dopamine will fire up your brain and make you float on sheer happiness. The long wait in the line and stressful day before the concert will be forgotten for the time while music is playing.

But do remember that you’ll crash after that cocktail of positive emotions abates. So, be sure to catch a taxi home before it happens.


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