You’re sat on the beach. Relaxing on the lounger. Reading a book in the shade under your umbrella. When you look up, you see a boat with a parachute attached speeding along the sea in front. There’s a long line of people on the sand waiting to have their go. Most of us have probably seen this while we’re on holiday. But only a handful are brave enough to give it a go. Here are a few reasons why you should give parasailing a try.

Best Views of the Beach

Looking down at the coastline from the sky gives you a completely different perspective of the beach. You’ll rise into the air and have the chance to see for miles in all directions. Parasailing will turn you into a human drone. Attached your Go-Pro and record every last twist and turn. Then you’ll have the video forever and can share with your friends and family.

It Gets Your Adrenaline Pumping

You don’t need to be a veteran adrenaline junkie to feel the thrill of the parachute taking you into the air. When your adrenaline gets pumping, you start to feel more alive. You’ll start to feel the thrill surging through your body. Not everyone is brave enough to jump out of a plane or go bungee jumping. Parasailing offers a lighter version for the not-so-extreme adrenaline hunter.

You’ll Feel Empowered

If you’re feeling scared before, you’ll feel empowered after. Nothing feels better than conquering your fears and overcoming your inner objections. Even if you really don’t want to give it a try. Do it anyway. When you’re high in the air, you’ll instantly forget any reservations and worries when you start to see the views from above. Then the experience and knowledge that you broke through your internal barriers will stay with you forever.

You Don’t Need to Book in Advance

You’ll see plenty of operators on the sand. If you want to go parasailing, you just walk up to them and arrange your experience with the operator directly. This means you can give it a try whenever you want to. If the line is long, stay in the shade with your book a little longer. When the conditions aren’t perfect, you can wait until tomorrow. That way you’re guaranteed to have the best experience possible. Compare this to other activities. You need to book a day and a time. If the conditions aren’t perfect, you miss out.


You’ll Feel Like You’re Flying

Parasailing is one of the closest ways the average Joe or Jane can get to flying. When you’re strapped in, the parachute floats through the air. You’ll experience weightlessness and have the chance to see what it’s like being so high in the sky. Sure, you can get the same by skydiving. But not everyone is brave enough to try!

Anyone Can Do Go Parasailing

Unlike some of the extreme sports, parasailing is suitable for anyone. You don’t need any experience whatsoever to give it a go. Head down to the beach and the staff will strap you into the harness. That’s it. You don’t need any training like with scuba diving. And there’s no special technique such as with snowboarding or skydiving. All you need to do is get into the harness, take a deep break and let the parachute take you into the sky. You can be a teenager or a retiree. Everyone is welcome, and everyone can take part.

It’s Safe

The risks involved in parasailing compared to other activities is practically zero. You’re attached securely into a harness and given a life jacket. Most operators need to get a license and follow strict health and safety procedures. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has the same standards. If you’re parasailing from a proper company, you can feel certain they abide by the requirements. Just use your intuition when choosing the company to go with.


The term once-in-a-lifetime gets used a lot with travel experiences. But if you’re not a thrill-seeker and don’t take part in extreme sports, this will be something that stays with you forever. All you need to do is overcome that initial fear before you get into the parachute. Just imagines the views, the feeling of flying and it will empower you for the rest of your holiday.

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