Our immune system is the first line of defense against diseases, viruses, pathogens, bacteria, germs, and infections. Your immunity protects your body from various microorganisms and is the very foundation of good health. 

The immune system comprises multiple elements, such as cells, tissues, and organs. It requires a trigger to function. When triggered, your immune system begins working toward the best way to defend your organism against any threat. 

The main goal is to eliminate all interlopers from your body. If your immunity is poor and sluggish, it could endanger your health.

On the other hand, if an immune system is overactive, it can also cause many health issues. A person can develop an autoimmune disease where an overactive immune system starts attacking itself by eliminating the body’s healthy cells.

Good immunity is the main driving factor of optimal health. You have to work to make sure it functions properly. That requires a proper lifestyle, high-quality supplements, and a healthy diet. That is where kratom comes into play. 

Kratom and immunity

While there are no studies supporting claims that kratom can directly boost your immunity, it can help to remove many bodily discomforts, alleviate pain, and provide relief from mood swings, anxiety, and depression. 

It’s a stimulant that can deliver effects of relaxation, sedation, improved focus, and increased energy levels. Instead of taking many opioid-based medications, you should consider kratom as it is a healthier alternative that can provide a range of health benefits.

We at Slo Kratom decided to create this short guide on how kratom impacts the human immune system to help you make an informed decision, so read on to find out more.

Kratom alkaloid profile

The best way to think about kratom is as a preventive tool that can give your immune system a boost from time to time to remind it to resume its function of fighting off infections. However, the longer you take it, the more you’ll need to get the effects. 

Taking it in regular and steady doses for a specific amount of time can help with various health conditions. The trick with kratom’s health-boosting and healing power is in its alkaloid profile. Kratom’s leaves are packed with top-grade chemical compounds that could produce a bolstering effect for your immunity. 

Many studies have shown that some of the alkaloids found in kratom can have immunostimulating properties. They include:

  • Isomitraphylline – This is a well-studied and proven anti-leukemic agent.
  • Isorhynchopylline – This alkaloid stimulates the immune system.
  • Isopteropodine – This is another proven immunostimulant.
  • Mitraphylline – This alkaloid acts as a diuretic and muscle relaxant and is a non-narcotic hypertensive that can help with body detox.

As you can see, kratom is quite packed with good alkaloids that can benefit your immune system directly and indirectly.

However, the trick is to stick with small and infrequent doses to reduce any potential side effects to a minimum. Since regular kratom usage could increase the tolerance, it’s best to give it a break now and then to make sure you reap the best benefits for your immune system.

Potential benefits of kratom for immunity

There are many different kratom strains, each with a unique alkaloid profile that could boost the human immunity system. Here are some of the potential benefits that could build better immunity.

Weight loss

Obesity is one of the leading causes of many health conditions and diseases. Maintaining optimal weight is key to building a fully functional and robust immune system.

Kratom can help with weight loss. As a natural energy booster, it can help burn fat faster and help you maintain an active lifestyle – which is also a key parameter for strong immunity.

Better blood circulation

Kratom has chemical properties that can improve blood circulation necessary for the adequate flow of oxygen throughout the human body. Consistent and sufficient flow of oxygen and nutrients improves and heightens the function of the immune system.

Since kratom boosts energy levels, it can ensure better blood circulation and keep the body active.


Kratom is a precious herb with seemingly magical properties that can work wonders on the human immune system.

However, regular and frequent use of kratom could cause a person to develop higher tolerance, even dependency. It’s best to start with smaller doses to see how things work for you. Make sure you give it a break now and then to restart your body and allow it to shed off the kratom buildup.

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