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John Cena - Actor and wrestler

Can John Cena take on Hollywood?

It appears as if the 15-time WWE Champion is ready to commit to the big screen. Can he be as successful as former rivals Dwayne Johnson and Dave Bautista, or is Cena just a flash in the pan?

We’ve seen Cena act in quite a few films (Sisters, Trainwreck). I’ll admit, I was quite surprised by the result. You could describe him as funny, sensitive, and tough in these roles. Most of all, you must call John Cena talented.

Professional wrestling is just as much about the character you portray on screen as it is the actual wrestling. Cena has been one of the most charismatic workers in the WWE. John Cena knows how to work the crowd. And regardless of whether he’s cheered or booed, there is always a reaction.

This bodes well for Cena’s chances in Hollywood. He’s going to draw money. Already the WWE’s most marketable name, Cena has a big fan base. And while some Internet wrestling fans claim Cena sucks, there will be plenty of interest in a John Cena film.

Look at the careers of Johnson and Bautista. The two were some of the greatest superstars the WWE has ever had. Because of their success in WWE, they are both some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. And that’s in large part because they garnered so much attention in the wrestling world.

WWE is almost on the job training for a career in Hollywood. As mentioned before, acting your character is almost as big as your wrestling ability. Names such as Johnson, Bautista, and Cena would be nothing without the ability to act out their on-screen persona’s on a nightly basis in the ring.

With a new war film, The Wall, on the horizon, fans will finally get a chance to see Cena star in a major Hollywood film that doesn’t have the backing of WWE Studios. It’s a big step for Cena, who has a lot more in the pipeline.

It’s really impossible to predict what Cena will do in Hollywood. His next film, Ferdinand, sees the 40-year-old take on animation, playing the voice of the movies main character. After that, we will see Cena play alongside Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in the sequel to Daddy’s Home. In fact, John Cena is building himself quite a catalog.

Does John Cena have what it takes to be a star in Hollywood? Absolutely

For someone with so much charisma and talent, he’s definitely got everything Hollywood directors and producers look for. Who knows if he’s every going to be bigger than Dwyane Johnson or Dave Bautista. Thus, one thing is certain, John Cena is ready to hit the AA on Hollywood.

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