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At some point, before Friday, someone will need to explain to me what WWE is doing with the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia. Just like Denzel Washington’s character in Philadelphia, I need this explained to me as if I’m a three-year-old. The potential for one of the biggest shifts in the company this year could happen on foreign soil. The Universal Title and the WWE title could both change hands, changing the landscape of the following the Superstar Shakeup last week. My question is, “Why now as opposed to three weeks ago at WrestleMania 34?” I have no problem with the ending to the WWE Title match between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. In fact, I like the idea of the current champion going over once again and his arch rival turning on him, creating a whole new set of rules which WWE fan base is enjoying. The problem I have is that Brock Lesnar dismantled Roman Reigns in New Orleans in a match that was boring, uneventful, and left the paying customer wondering what the hell just happened. Reigns himself may have thought the same thing. Lesnar’s contract he signed with WWE the morning of April 8 shifted power back to the current champion. The political game of keeping the title on the “Beast Incarnate” has made it even more difficult for the “Big Dog” to get over as the face of the company.  At some point, Lesnar, who will explore UFC fights as well as a part-time WWE schedule, needs to drop the title. I am not saying an event like the one on Friday isn’t big, but if two brand titles change, doesn’t it take away from the importance of what happened arguably the greatest show on WWE’s roster? Again, please explain it to me as if I’m a child. It’s not fair for a brand champion to hold the title without competing on a weekly basis. It’s not fair that the challenger for said title hasn’t been in a match in a wrestling ring on live television in some time. It’s not fair that Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn or anyone else on Raw’s roster for Raw to put in night’s work every time they get an opportunity. If anything, favoritism is alive and well in Vince McMahon’s circus. Styles performs weekly, facing everybody that wants a shot at the belt. Tuesday nights, the SmackDown Live, is more about wrestling then it is promotion. If WWE were smart, it would change the Raw format to two hours as well, focusing more on in ring performance than out of the ring minutiae.  After Friday night, wrestling fans are in for more change. Hopefully for the better.  What happens the former Shield member once he claims the title that is predestined as his? Can balance exist? Will WWE book him to perform more often? Will the company continue with the same format on Tuesday nights? I’m still a bit confused here as I thought all things were created equal in professional wrestling. I guess I was wrong, and after Friday night, myself and wrestling fans around the world will be asking more questions? I doubt we get the answers we want.

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