You ever meet that one woman, that just leaves you breathless.

Like a seductive succubus in the middle of the night, her breath-taking beauty simple leaves you breathless, but before you ask for her name, she just disappears.

When said woman suddenly vanishes, you go searching for and wondering where she went, before she randomly reappears, just as beautiful as ever.

Boston-area born Albanian Hollywood actress and model Eliza Dushku fits that to a tee.

If there is any one actress worthy of having a unrequited flame for it is Dushku, who has left a memorable trail of raw sexiness and edginess such as appearing in men’s magazines such as MAXIM for the better part of a decade.

The brown-haired 5’5 stunner, who has appeared in a list of memorable movies such as Bring It On!, Tru Calling, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse, True Lies and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

While she has not appeared on the small screen since 2016 in Banshee and Princess Rap Battleland on the big screen since 2015 in Jane Wants A Boyfriend, the thirty-something Dushku has lent her voice to video games such as Saints Row 2, Wet and Fight Night Champion.

TV, movies and video games, Dushku is every man’s wet dream, plus she is a die-hard sports fan of her beloved hometown Celtics.

Love of sports, hot, sexy and smart, Dushku is perfect, in every way. The question is? where has she been for so long?

Set to return to the big screen as Pia Carter in the thriller, Eloise, Dushku is still as hot, mysterious and unforgettable as before. And like that old flame from back in the day that still burns hot when you come upon it again, Dushku is still as hot, sexy and enigmatic as ever, as she still brings it on today.

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday!

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