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WWE: They would be foolish to break up the Hardy Boyz right now

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We might be on the verge of seeing another tag team on RAW enter splitsville. As we saw last night at WWE Extreme Rules, the Hardy Boyz lost the RAW tag titles to Sheamus and Cesaro in a steel cage match. After the loss, there happen to be reports circulating that the WWE may be thinking of splitting up Matt and Jeff Hardy. They would use the loss at Extreme Rules as the place to begin the split. The way it would end up going is that Matt Hardy would be upset at Jeff Hardy for doing his high risk moves to “cost them the titles.”

There have been other reports that the WWE could also use this split to introduce the WWE Universe to the Broken gimmick that Matt Hardy got over while he was in TNA. While I am all in favor of having Matt Hardy bring back his Broken gimmick, I am not in favor of them splitting up. I am not in favor of splitting up the Hardy Boyz because then you are basically getting rid of your babyface tag team.

We recently saw the end of the Golden Truth a few weeks ago and now there have been talks of ending the Hardy Boyz and the team of Enzo and Cass. If the WWE does go that route, then there would be no babyface tag teams. What I figure to see happen is if we see the end of one of these teams, then the other one won’t split up. For argument sakes, if WWE does split up both babyface teams, then you are left with the Club (Anderson and Gallows), The Revival ( Dash and Dawson), and the current tag team champions in Cesaro and Sheamus.

Unless WWE has plans of forming new tag teams, I wouldn’t hold my breath that we will see the end of the Hardy Boyz or Enzo/Big Cass in the future.

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