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Goldberg vs KO WWE Universal Championship
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WWE Fastlane 2017: Goldberg Must Squash Kevin Owens in the Main Event


March 5, 2017

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COMMENTARY – How long can WWE keep this up?

The Fastlane pay-per-view on Thursday night figures to have a few twists and turns as the final tune-up before WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. With the recent decision to put Kevin Owens and Bill Goldberg in the main event on Sunday night with the Universal Heavyweight Title on the line, the company has opened itself up to scrutiny with Brock Lesnar the one who suffers the most from this match.


Goldberg beat Lesnar at Survivor Series in a squash match nobody saw coming. The two-minute match shocked the world and cemented the third installment of this colossal feud at WrestleMania in April. The problem is Owens, the current champion, could last longer in the ring than the time Goldberg spent taking care of his arch rival. It makes Lesnar look soft. How will WWE book this match? Will Chris Jericho have a hand in the outcome, which leads to the match we all want to see a month from now?

Kevin Owens has firmly re-established himself as the mega heel he was upon making his way to the main roster in May of 2015. But this looks nothing more than another squash match if both Goldberg and Lesnar are to follow the script. From there, it is anyone’s guess what happens next. It was reported earlier this year Goldberg would work more shows in 2016 and a title run was not out of the question. The match between the former WCW/WWE champion and the Beast Incarnate will be for the chance to carry the red brand’s top title. Frankly, I am not excited about the idea of part-time wrestlers carrying any title, especially with it being played out at the company’s biggest night.

According to oneindia.com, Dave Meltzer has discussed the possible outcomes of the championship match with his fellow Bryan Alvarez in a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. The move makes sense, but it also doesn’t help Owens in his ability to recapture the title. Would Owens get a chance to reclaim the belt after WrestleMania 33, and should it be Lesnar who comes out victorious, would a prolonged feud with Owens benefit both performers?

A win on Sunday helps enhance the mystique of Goldberg as the immovable force and the man who can take any wrestler down in his path. I do not believe there is any doubt Goldberg wins on Sunday, but how the company books this match will speak volumes about what lies ahead for the soon-to-be champion, Owens and Lesnar comes April in Orlando.

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