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WWE: How A Rhodes-Goldust Tilt Can Save Wrestlemania 31

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With this year’s Wrestlemania 31 card shaping up to be the worst in several years. The WWE still has time to put one more match on the card that can possibly save the show.

Normally, three weeks wouldn’t be enough time to fully develop a storyline, but in this case, it has been brewing since 1995.
Dustin Rhodes who is performing as Goldust, and has been since 1995 with the then “WWF”, has made it known he intends to retire after Wrestlemania.

His younger brother Cody, has shown several time why he is the most underrated and underused talented wrestler on the roster. Cody is a natural and has gotten over every gimmick they have ever given him. It is almost a crime that he has not already held a World title at this point in his career.

Both men have expressed sincere desire to have a match at Wrestlemania, it is a great chance to send Goldust off into retirement by having a five star classic with his younger brother who had grabbed every brass ring put in front of him. Cody can do it all in the ring and on the microphone, if the WWE really listens to their fans like they claim they do, then they need to push Cody to the moon.

Fans are already upset at what appears to be a very lackluster and predictable Wrestlemania card. This would be a match for the fans, as well as the perfect way to honor the Rhodes family. WWE is currently involved in a serious storm of negativity with accusations against their NXT trainers, and even claims now that they are holding down talented women in their Divas division but simply treating them like eye candy instead of athletes.

WWE has this “Golden” chance to make everything right with one match everyone wants to see. What can possibly be stopping them besides common sense?

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