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COMMENTARY – There are 23 days until WrestleMania 33 and WWE still has plenty of loose ends to tie up before the biggest night of wrestling takes place. The company did the right thing by booking Randy Orton to face Bray Wyatt for the WWE World Title. The backstory between leader and follower is compelling and gives the fans something they haven’t seen before – Bray Wyatt as the sympathetic victim. It also lets Orton shine in a role that he is famous for – the antagonist. [DavidL] Now that we know what the main event will be, the focus needs to shift toward what the McMahons will do in booking AJ Styles and in Orlando. Since there are rumors swirling about Luke Harper re-joining the Wyatt family, will there be a suitable opponent for the former WWE World Champion and arguably the best performer on the SmackDown Live roster. Styles and Undertaker isn’t happening. There is no chance of another match with John Cena. Seth Rollins is injured and on the wrong team and The Miz is tied up in a mixed-gender match that night. There are rumors about Styles facing SmackDown lives commissioner Shane McMahon in a match, which will not die. And of course, there could be other contenders to face the Phenomenal One that we aren’t aware of. Might I suggest that the company finally gives in to the idea that Nakamura should be the opponent for Styles and end the mystery about whether this will be one of those unbelievable WrestleMania moments? As a fan and an observer, there isn’t much more the former NXT Champion has left to prove. A continuing feud with Bobby Roode isn’t as compelling as a call-up to the main roster. The King of Strong Style is a perfect opponent for Styles The two tore the roofs off many an arena in Japan and could also give the SmackDown Live team more booking options in the future. A match like this is perfect in the land of Mickey Mouse. Looking ahead, WWE must determine its main event players. Styles, Wyatt, Orton are there for sure. Would Nakamura’s presence enhance the race to claim the top prize on Tuesday nights? There is no John Cena or Dean Ambrose to talk about right now. Dolph Ziggler has become a joke. The Miz may not get the opportunity. This is the right path to take. Still, there are a few wrestlers who don’t have dance partners. This is one less answer to ponder. With Styles on the outside looking in right now at a title shot, it would be in the best interest of the company to make this happen. It’s not a feud that needs a lot of backstory as fans would immediately get on board with this kind of confrontation.

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