People who are trying to quit smoking are willing to use every method and vaping seems to be the most popular. Depending on the device you use, you can have different nicotine concentrations, but vaping pens are the ones that allow to select the flavour you want to enjoy every day. You can choose this device over regular e-cigarettes for various reasons, but one big advantage is given by its versatility when it comes to e-juice flavours.

In case you are wondering, a vape pen is a small vaporizer which can fit in narrow spaces like pockets or purses. Unlike most e-cigarettes, which function based on pre-filled cartridges, the pen gives you the possibility to refill the tank and, in this case, you can choose the juice you like. Besides, there are some vaporizer pens which allow you to determine nicotine concentration and other factors.

You can choose from various types of vaporizer pens

E-Liquid devices

The most popular option nowadays is the one with e-liquid pens. It is mostly used by those who are trying to quit smoking and think that e-cigarettes don’t offer them enough smoke or inhaling possibilities. Modern e-liquid devices have come to include temperature control and sub-ohm vaping. Others act as simple plug-and-play devices.

These pens are very common because they’re easy to use and give you the freedom to choose the flavour you want for the juice. In this case, you have so many options that it’s hard to decide which one you’d like: strawberry milk, rich tobacco, French vanilla cheesecake, blueberry custard, cool breeze and more. You can try all of them and choose your favourite.

Dry herb vaporizers

Marijuana is becoming legal in many states, so dry herbs vaporizers are making their way onto the market. The devices make the use of medical marijuana a lot easier, because the users don’t have to smoke the herb. Asthmatics or people with other breathing problems will definitely appreciate it, because inhaling the vapor is not that irritating to the lungs. Next to marijuana, the pens can be used with several other herbs which make the aromatherapy process smoother and more pleasant.

Concentrate mixtures

When they are combined, some plants can produce a concentrate mixture which can be used in many ways. Among these combinations we can find essential oils and other combinations of herbs that can be used even for vaping.

However, if you want to use them with a vaping pen, your vaporizer should be provided with a special compartment where you can put the concentrated herbs without making a mess. There are some pens which have this compartment and can be used for both purposes and others that are built especially for concentrates.

To sum up, we will mention that the use of vaping pens has more benefits than traditional tobacco and other e-cigarettes. They can easily be carried around and are more powerful than other similar devices. Also, they help you save some money because you only have to replace the e-juice and you won’t have an irritated throat.

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