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Living: The Future of Health Care In America

Healthcare in America has changed since the passing of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, in March 2010. Most Americans still receive health insurance through their employer, but there are now healthcare exchanges that allow freelancers, contractors and others who don’t receive insurance through work to sign up for it anyway. However, the […]

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Fitness Focus: Free State Femme Fatale! Q and A With Sports Illustrated Fitness and Fashion Model, Shelby Brooke!

Looking for some fitness motivation to get you back into the gym and in shape? Welcome to Fitness Focus! INSCMagazine’s fitness and motivation feature column Fitness Focus! will feature some of today’s hottest Instagram  fitness models, fitfluencers and trainers, in the realm of lifestyle, modeling and fitness motivation, with a touch of style, class, quality […]

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Wellness: How Rehab Center Help Gets Rid Of Drug Addiction

Drug and alcohol consumption have increased over the years due to immense work pressure and other problems in the personal as well as professional lives of the people which they are unable to cope up. Drugs and alcohol can be injurious to health as it has been proven that it damages the nervous system of […]

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Top 4 Reasons Why Mixed Martial Arts Should Be Part of Your Fitness Plan

You’ve been hitting the gym and the results are beginning to show. The thing is that you would like to broaden the scope of your fitness efforts. One way to do that is to consider taking a few classes involving mixed martial arts. Learning Something New: While you’ve likely picked up a few things about […]

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Fitness Focus! So, You Want To Start Weight Lifting!

Slogging through miles on the treadmill or powering through a spin class are fine forms of cardio, but if you’re ready to mix things up with a fresh fitness routine, you should try adding strength training to the repertoire. If you’ve never used free weights, machines, bands or even your own body, strength training can […]

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Fitness Focus! Benefits Of Resistance Training For Women

Summer is fast approaching; I know you will definitely like to look hot on your swimming suits as you hit the beach this summer. If this is your dream, one of the ways you can achieve it is by incorporating resistance/strength training into your overall exercise regime. Most women assume that strength training is something […]

#LetsTalk With Grace J Teal: Anxiety! It’s Complicated! And Here’s Why!">
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#LetsTalk With Grace J Teal: Anxiety! It’s Complicated! And Here’s Why!

From the outside looking in, it’s hard to understand you suffer. From the inside looking out, it’s hard to explain how and why you suffer…. Anxiety it’s complicated!! People see me as the outgoing confident girl, always up for a laugh with the larger than life personality but inside away from the camera flash lights, […]

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Men: 7 Wеіght Loss Tірѕ This Spring That Will Bооѕt Your Libido!

Your libido іѕ уоur sex drіvе аnd your interest іn having sex. Evеn wіth a low libido, you аrе still аblе tо асhіеvе аrоuѕаl аnd оrgаѕm. Yоu mау fіnd that аѕ your weight сhаngеѕ уоur lіbіdо mау аѕ wеll. Your nеw weight lоѕѕ mау hеlр уоu to feel mоrе attractive аnd еxсіtеd about sex. Yоur […]

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Are You Living A Lifestyle That Leads To Weight Loss?

Are you currently on an odd diet, counting every calorie you consume yet you don’t seem ever to inch closer to your fitness goals? Perhaps you are going to the gym and working out as hard as you can, sometimes to the point of physical collapse. You grind your workout daily, but you’re not getting […]

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Post Injury Fitness: How to Get Back on Track Safely

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to experience that feeling of frustration and defeat that comes with an injury. They limit you in your daily activities and mean lost time at the gym. The recovery process requires an excruciating amount of patience and mental strength. In short, physical injuries are tedious, and oftentimes […]