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Living: Advantages Of The Best Reloading Press

By Elena Senelson Shooting has been considered to be a long standing sport. However, it is one which carries a lot of responsibilities on the shoulder of the shooter. You must aim properly and avoid any accidents lest you might get involved in legal cases. That apart, you also need to maintain your equipment and […]

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Super Bowl LI: 10 Tips For Surviving The Big Game

The biggest game in football will be played at the NRG Stadium, home of the Texans! Who do you think will take home the Lombardi Trophy this year? What’s certain is that this game brings together die-hard and casual football fans alike. Whether you’re traveling to Houston on February 5th or watching from the comfort […]

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Living: Activities Parents Struggle to Teach Kids

By Veselina Dzhingarova Kids are all over the place. They are full of energy and they want to do “something”, anything as long as they are able to. Parents with young children know that it can be hard to keep them busy and out of trouble, but there is another side to giving your kids […]

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Home: Two Instances When It’s Time to Call in A Professional

Home repairs and maintenance are not something that anyone enjoys dealing with but as a home owner they are necessary par for the course. If you rent or lease an apartment or flat, you too, must deal with home maintenance and repair issues but most of the issues that you may experience will fall under […]

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Obamacare: Maybe Healthcare Is Finally on the Mend!

With the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States comes a thought that maybe a broken healthcare system is finally going to be on the mend. Donald J. Trump took his oath of office on January 20, 2017 and now many of his constituents are waiting for him to call for the repeal […]

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What Type Of Roller Coaster Can We Expect From Cedar Fair In 2018?

As the 2017 theme park season arrives, many are already looking towards the future, as a new batch of coasters will be announced in the coming months. Cedar Fair has one of the largest collection of coasters in its arsenal, so it would seem right that the theme park chain debuted a few new rides […]


Culture: New Life For Old Sports Treasures

By Shawn Stevenson Family sewing circles and craft projects are a great way to knit together (pun intended) and bond as a family while also problem solving together to accomplish a unique task. If something about the Amish philosophy resonates with you, whether it is the simple living ethos, or the easy down-to-earth style, learning […]