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Pets: Four Ways to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Chunky, cuddly cats are definitely the best - they’re so cute! If your cat is packing a few extra pounds, there’s no doubt you love them just the same. Cute, cuddly and definitely very Instagrammable, there’s something quite adorable about a little tubby cat. But, being overweight isn’t always good for your cat’s health. A little bit of extra weight is usually nothing to worry about, but if your cat’s
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Living: Three Reasons To Invest In A Pet

Around the globe, pets have been popular and beloved additions to families for decades (even centuries). Bringing a pet into the family is a big decision, however once that decision is made it often proves to be one of the most rewarding decisions that anyone can ever possibly make. It does not necessarily matter which type of pet one chooses to invest in, the point is always the same: we
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Owning a pet dog in the old times was considered carefree. Pet dogs used to socialize, play with other kids, run around the streets with wild dogs, sometimes bit someone. A backyard with a fence was unheard of. People never thought twice about their dogs roaming freely in the streets or in the neighborhood. Sometimes pets often vanished and met with who knows what fate.  Things have changed in recent
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A Need-to-know Guide when Buying Glass Pet Doors

Pet doors are a perfect way for your pet to have independence and freedom. They allow your pet to enter and get out of the house while ensuring that your home is secure. These doors have existed for hundreds of years. They started with just a hole in a wall, but nowadays, they are more sophisticated and advanced. Glass pet doors are one of the modern doors you can get
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The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners

The relationship between pets and their owners can be compared to that of a mother and child. In fact, many people have chosen to get a pet as opposed to having children. Having a pet is not only a source of companionship, but pets also have several health benefits as well. Some of these benefits include decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels, decreased feelings of loneliness as well as an
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6 Things You Must Know Before Taking Your Pet on Vacation

Having a vacation is essential to eliminate stress and keep you sane when you go through the chaotic rush of modern life. Beyond being enormously beneficial for your mental health, traveling is also advantageous for your physical health. You will get a chance to reconnect with yourself as you do not need to follow a tight schedule that modern life prescribes to us. Going on a vacation is a ton
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5 Ways Having a Family Pet Can Improve Your Health

Whether you have a large dog, a small cat, or an exotic bird, being a pet owner can improve your well-being and health. Taking care of your family starts first with health coverage and affordable family health insurance plans. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes sure all American families have access to a health plan, whether that's medicare, Medicaid, or through a health insurance company. Having an affordable option for
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What to Consider Before Having an Assistance Animal

We all love our pets and would love to take them everywhere we go. If you suffer from any disabilities, then it is likely you would want your pet to be by your side to help you navigate through life. An emotional support animal can greatly and positively impact your life, from assisting you in difficult tasks, uplifting your spirits, keeping you company, calming your anxieties to making you feel
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Keeping Your Pets Safe and Sound During Stormy Weather Conditions

Stormy weather isn’t nice for anyone, but it’s even worse for our four-legged friends who don’t always know what’s going on. From the miserable wet weather conditions to the loud crashed of thunder and wind, it can all be quite scary for our pets so it’s important to keep them safe and sound throughout. There are lots of different things to bear in mind when it comes to your pet