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Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant has moved past Mike Trout, Bryce Harper as MLB’s best player

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The Chicago Cubs are World Series champs but better than that they may have proved they have the unofficial best player in baseball.

With talk focusing in on Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, Kris Bryant just told the world to shove their votes and opinions where the sun doesn’t shine.

Baseball is a stats game to fans, but to teams, it’s about championships. Was Derek Jeter the best player in the league during his career with the New York Yankees? No, but he was the best when it mattered most. October.

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This is what the rest of the baseball world just realized. What you do during the regular season counts, but what you do during the playoffs matters. The Cubs have defeated history, demons and in the process, Bryant has become the the new Jeter. He doesn’t need to hit 50 home runs to prove his worth. All he has to do is make sure he does enough to put his team in the best position to win.

How many times have Trout and Harper done that for their respective teams? Trout and the Angels have continuously missed the postseason, and Harper’s Nationals has underachieved for the last two seasons. Bryant, the young kid, thrust into stardom has been steady and deadly while moving up the food chain of MVP candidates.

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What the Cubs were able to carry out Wednesday night was remarkable? Yet, what Bryant did will always outweigh any triple crown or MVP trophy on Trout’s or Harper’s mantle.

Unlike Jeter before him, Bryant joined a team that wasn’t quite ready, but his presence and production turned a potential 100 game loser into a 100 game winner because they played as a team while the attention was placed in other cities.

The scary part is, he’s still young, and with Theo Epstein running the show the Cubs will be major players in the free agent market for years to come.

You can keep gushing over the stats and amazing feats of Trout and Harper, but all Bryant wants to do is win and has done just that.

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