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Donald Trump Officially Clinches Republican Presidential Nomination

It’s official, folks:

Donald Trump is the 2016 Republican Nominee for President of the United States.

Back in the primary season, while I was the staunchest Ted Cruz supporter, and still am, quite frankly, though he’s dropped out of the race and stayed incredibly silent, I would’ve glanced at that piece of news and shuddered. Under no circumstances, I thought at that time, could Trump become the nominee. While it is much more likely that a Republican will become President after the eight tyrannical years of the Obama administration, a Trump nomination sounded scary beyond words. A prime reason was because of his constant attacks on Senator Cruz, the most Reagan-esque presidential candidate since the Gipper himself.

I’m a freedom-loving, Constitution-defending conservative, my listeners and readers alike will know that I’ve always been a Cruz conservative. I also told some of my friends and family members that I will not support Donald Trump because he doesn’t share our values of free market capitalism, of the separation of powers and, most importantly, of the will to defend the sanctity of life.

While he’s largely remained erratic, sometimes silly, and himself (sigh), Donald has shown the American people, and also myself, that he does have some ability to focus on the issues, restrain his ego, and act presidential. Even though I have not yet endorsed nor have I planned on endorsing him, we conservatives can say that he’s been on the right direction the last month or so.

Shifting now to our INSC Republican National Convention coverage, Trump has just been nominated by the delegates, garnering far more than the 1237 needed for the nomination. His children, Donald, Eric, Ivanka, and Tiffany, were those who pushed him over that magical threshold.

While this has never been my intended result of the Republican race, I do have to give credit where credit is due and admit that this is a very impressive accomplishment, an accomplishment that will no doubt change American history and significantly impact the way presidential campaigns are run.

Day two of the RNC in Cleveland hasn’t been as chaotic as it was in day one. It has been, rather, a celebration of Donald Trump’s campaign. Called “the Next President of the United States”, a title he might very well bear in the upcoming future, Trump and his mind-blowing primary success were lauded over and over by his surrogates, his general supporters in the delegate population, and also by elected officials like Governor Susanne Martinez of New Mexico. The Republican National Convention has made it extremely clear that it’s Trump’s party, at least until November, and that the party is shifting to Trump-inspired policies such as the Great Wall and other extremely important immigration-related issues. While his trade policies are as leftist as they come, there is plenty of time for we the Constitutionalists to shift him over to the right, to inspire him to embrace free market capitalism, and to interpret the Constitution word-by-word.

Despite his trade disaster, weakness on social issues, and his propensity to disregard the Constitution, Trump offers a different brand of Republicanism and a different kind of conservative. Watching the live stream of the RNC, a convention I had wished to personally attend, I can get a sense that party unity is starting to happen, and it has to be done regardless of who the nominee is.

Romney in 2012 failed to unite our party. McCain in 2008 was even worse. To defeat the corrupt, tyranny-loving Clinton machine, GOPers and Tea Party Patriots need to unite for our common cause. While most, if not all of the delegates at the convention are Trump supporters, there are many who have decided to skip the convention. That list includes some of the highest-profiled Republicans, big names like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and John Kasich. Without many bona-fide party elders, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that Trump has the ability to win.

Day 2 of the RNC also features the party establishment members. Congressional leaders like Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan both gave speeches about party unity. While their attempts to unify the party look good on paper and on TV, it is important to realize that the establishment has contributed to Barack Obama’s success of advancing his leftist political ideologies. Those ideologies are deleterious to the civil society and the everyday American should denounce them as liberty-prohibiting, freedom-abridging, and tyrannical. With astoundingly weak Congressional leadership, a strong Commander-In-Chief is even more important and Donald Trump, from what we’ve seen today and over the past couple of months, seems to have slightly improved.

Ted Cruz, who has yet to speak, will be a headlining speaker as the Republican National Convention continues. His political future remains bright as a burning star as he is burdened with continuing the legacy of Ronald Reagan, of standing up for the Constitutional inalienable rights, of defending American interest and championing conservatism.

Ted Cruz’s time to shine will, no doubt, come. But July 19th, 2016 is Donald Trump’s day of glory and Republicans should spend time celebrating an unbelievable, almost absurd campaign. But the real fight is in November and that race will decide the future of America.



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