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Tiger Woods Makes The Best Decision By Skipping 2016 PGA Tour

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It was announced earlier today that Tiger Woods will sit out the remaining 2016 PGA Tour due to health issues. This is the first times Woods will miss an entire calendar year of events and it may lead many to wonder if this is the end for the King?


This is the beginning. The decision, while a blow to the PGA Tour as far as fans goes is the best move the Woods camp could make. It hurts the hearts of not only Tiger’s but Golf fans to see Woods hobble off the green on the back-9 with some sort of discomfort. By making this decision now he can get the proper healing he needs and be ready for the 2017 Tour.

Golf may not be a contact sport like football, hockey or basketball but try swinging a golf club with the power Woods does with a bad back. Fans may not agree with his decisions and the media will try to find a way to slander his name as they put out headlines that it’s the end of an era, when all it is, is a man looking out for his health by taking more time to focus on his health.

With Woods gone the Tour players can now focus on their games without looking over their shoulder, wondering when Tiger will make his official return in 2016. Great news for Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson and Rory Mcllroy, you still have time left to stake your claim as the world’s best.

This is not the end, it’s the beginning of his comeback.

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