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UFC 200: Lesnar Brock’s performance determines WWE booking

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There has been a lot of discussion among wrestling fans of professional wrestling about this weekend’s UFC 200 in Las Vegas.

This event has gotten spoken about a lot in the last few days with Jon Jones getting pulled due to drug violations to Miesha Tate getting the main event slot. But what has wrestling fans talking about UFC is because of Brock Lesnar having his first match in a few years in the octagon. The one constant thing brought up is how much does Brock’s match tomorrow night ride on his future in WWE.

I am not saying that Brock is never going to return because he is going to be  back on TV on July 19th. I am looking at it more in the sense of does a Brock Lesnar win mean he gets more credibility and eventually a title opportunity later on or if Brock loses badly by Mark Hunt, does he lose all of his credibility.

I for one don’t know the answer because I feel there is no right or wrong answer. However, the result of his match will essentially determine how WWE should book him. I understand he lost his final UFC match in 2011 before he left. However the difference is simple, he has more of a name within the wrestling community and I figure you will get a lot more eyes on this event. Larry Dallas of Sirius XM Busted Open figures between people buying the event on Pay per view to people going to bars tomorrow night, the number of people watching this card could hit 3 million viewers.

You can get UFC 200 live from Las Vegas, Nevada on PPV by calling your local provider.

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