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Updated – Von Miller: A Denver Bronco for Life?

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On March 1 2015, the Broncos did something that they thought they would not have to do. They placed the franchise tag on their most prized possession, Von Miller. Since that time there has been speculation and some turmoil in regards to contract negotiations. Will the Broncos and Von Miller come to a long-term deal before July 15? That is the question at hand.

Von Miller is a very valuable piece to the Broncos defense. Not only is he a tremendous pass rusher but he makes everyone else around him that much better. The vaunted Broncos defense would not be as vaunted without Miller. The pieces around Miller would be as strong without number 58 on the field.

Demarcus Ware would not have had the 7.5 sacks that he had if Von Miller was not on the field. Malik Jackson would have gotten the big contract he got had Miller not been on the field. The Broncos would not have had the number 1 ranked defense had Von Miller NOT been on the field!

Von Miller wants to be a Denver Bronco for the rest of his playing career. The framework of the contract had been set. The difference is guaranteed money. Miller wants his 3rd year paid out sooner than March of 2018. Reports are that the Broncos have changed their date and upped their offer on guaranteed money.

Will this change in date and up in the anty cause a new contract? Who knows! The one thing we do know is that the ball is once again rolling for the negotiation process. They have a week to get it done.

The Broncos and Von Miller are a match made in heaven. John Elway is a very good business man and he sees the value of Von Miller. Believe me when I say, number 58 will stay and play. Look for lots of movement on this over the next week. My prediction is it will get done.

Update: The Broncos submitted a second offer to Miller’s agent on Friday. According to reports it has even more guaranteed money than the first offer that was submitted Friday morning. Miller has neither accepted or rejected the offer at this time.

Update 7/10: The guaranteed money that the Broncos are offering is $61 million. Word is that Miller is asking for guaranteed money in the neighborhood of $70 million. Since the Broncos moved off of their orginal of $56 million and changed the date to March 2017, it shows their willingness to get this contract done. I would expect to see more movement over the next week and a deal should be able to get done

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