Perhaps the number of places should be 100, not 10. And we totally agree. However, our extensive survey and experience tell us that these are the most vital 10 places in your home that need cleaning. In fact, these places get all the dirt and germs quicker than the rest of the home.

Do you want a clean and sanitized home at least effort? Then do not even think of avoiding these 10 places for priority cleaning.

Door Knobs and Handles

These are places that come in contact with maximum touches. And touch brings all sorts of germs. A wipe with a cleaning solution or only a vinegar solution will do the magic on these germy surfaces.

Remote Controls

Yes, remote controls are the most germ-filled places in your home. Sweat, moisture, dirt, dust, and what not accumulate on these plastic surfaces. A mist of disinfectant solution will clean them effectively.


Dark always stays right under the light. Similarly, the most enlightened place at home may have the darkest secrets of dirt and debris. You can use a soft brush to dust off the surface. For better results, make them visit the washer once a month.

Kitchen Sink

Do you know the kitchen sink accommodates more germs than your toilet bowl? Stunned? Well, it’s true. Obviously, you need to spend more time and resources to make kitchen sinks clean and sanitized.

A regular wash with mild soap or vinegar solution is excellent. And a monthly deep clean will be fantastic. However, it is also recommended to consult with professional cleaners like residential cleaning in Chicago to make everything hygienic.


It washes all the dishes. Then how come it requires cleaning? You will be surprised to see all the gunk and build-up from the water inside the drum. Even the deposit on the corners of the trays will make you feel disgusted sometimes. Running the drum only with heavy soap once a month can go a long way.

Drip Coffee Maker

Like the dishwasher, you will find dark deposits and sticky gunk on the dripper. Caffeine and a hint of sugar in it are the culprits behind those. Let’s not wait for the next weekend. You need to act now. Give the machine warm water wash and dry it properly. You will see the difference in taste and smell the next morning.

Electrical Switches

Think about the remotes. You touch both switches and remotes almost every day, 24/7. So don’t get surprised to see the tarnishing and sticky deposits on them. Turn off the power and wipe the switches with alcohol or soda vinegar solutions. For better safety, we recommend the alcohol wipe. Let the surface dry before you turn the power on.


Think about all the drips and splashes. If untreated, they will leave stains on the fridge and make an unbearable odor. If you want to avoid it, wipe the interior with a mild soap solution.

Garbage Disposal

Just like the kitchen sink, garbage disposal deals with the “Bad-Boys” of the kitchen. And damn, they make things stinky and smelly. Run a clean-up cycle for clean disposal.

Cleaning Tools

No, it’s not a joke. We mean it. Tools like brooms, brushes, scabs, or microfiber cloths need cleaning too. Otherwise, they will spread more germs than wiping them off the surface. Clean them thoroughly with soap and disinfectants for a better result.



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