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7 Cleaning Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

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Cleaning your home should not be a dreaded task. If your cleanup routines are time exhausting and tiring, then you are probably using the traditional mundane home cleaning methods. There are now simple and easy tricks that will make your tiring routines enjoyable, faster, and less tiring. Here are 7 cleaning shortcuts to make your life easier:

Let the disinfectant sit for a longer period

Whenever you want to clean stubborn stains, apply detergent at the area. Allow it to soak the stain for some time before cleaning. This process will make the stain clear faster.

Clean your stove this way

If you use to scrub your stove, it is time to stop. Just soak a rug in warm soapy water. Lay the rug over the spot for some time and wipe clean. You will be surprised that all the dirt will come off.

Sort dishes before putting them in the dishwasher

Since you need to place the items in the washer to get them cleaned, use that opportunity to sort them. Put all spoons in one place, knives in another, and forks in another. You can then skip the sorting process when the dishes are done.

Use a pillowcase to clean your cleaning fan

Cleaning dirty ceiling fans make your floors dirty. You don’t need to clean your floor every time you clean your ceiling fan. Wrap a dump pillow case around the fan blades to clean it. When you do it this way, the dirt will go into the pillow case. There is also a simpler way of cleaning lampshades. Cleaning your lampshade is difficult due to their irregular shape. Run a lint roller over the outer surfaces and inner circles to get rid of the dirt. You can use a blow dryer to clear the dust off the seams.

Clean from the corner to the door

When it is time to mop, sweep, or vacuum start from the farthest corner away from the door. Then work your way to the door. When you do this, you will be clearing your footprint as you go.

Clean spills right away

It is more difficult to clean spills when they dry up. Also, members of your household may step into the spill and spread the dirt on the floors of the house. Treat spills as emergency cases; leave everything you are doing to clean that spill. After all, according to SimplyMaid, it does not take more than 5 minutes to clear them. To make it a lot easier, keep mops at vantage areas for cleaning spills. Remember that cleaning spills also prevent slipping hazards.

Declutter before you clean

Make sure you organize your stuff before you clean. Take a few minutes to pick stuff off the floor. You can also put all the clutter into a large tray or basket. When you do this, your cleaning process becomes easier and faster. You don’t need to spend time picking or pushing stuff out of the way to clean the place. Decluttering reduces your cleaning time significantly. Do these things to make your cleaning times fun, less stressful, and faster.

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