Are you dreaming of a destination wedding but are still unsure whether it is actually doable? Here’s a secret: there’s a great number of reasons why you should consider the idea of a destination wedding seriously, from seeing gorgeous venues to spending quality time with the closest friends and family. But these are just two reasons. We have 11 more.

1. You Can Have Two Honeymoons

Who says a destination wedding should replace the good old honeymoon? In fact, many newlyweds decide to have a real honeymoon on a completely different location a few months or even a year after the wedding. You also have the option to simply extend your stay at the wedding venue after the guests leave. After all, you’ve already paid the expenses to get there.

2. You’ll Have Amazing Instagram Pics

Sure, a pro photographer can pull out some awesome shots from a local banquet too. But just think about the photos from your beach wedding. Epic!

3. You’ll Be Surrounded by the Closest Family and Friends

Did you know that the average number of guests at traditional weddings is about 150? On the other hand, the average number of guests at destination weddings is less than 50. Destination weddings are usually quite intimate, which means there won’t be ‘redundant’ people on your big day (like second cousins or colleagues you don’t really like). Only a select handful of friends and family, just enough to constitute a family reunion or vacation. And since everyone is aware that the guest list is limited, this is a great way to let them know how important they are to you.

4. You Can Organize Your Wedding Anywhere

Literally, wherever you want. You can choose a beautiful exotic destination such as Rose Hall or somewhere not so far away from home. Sometimes, a beautiful wedding venue can be hiding just two hours driving away from where you leave.

5. You Don’t Have to Compromise

You don’t have to compromise if you’re from New York and his family lives in London. Pick a neutral destination and your problem is solved. Plus, wherever you take your guests, chances are the place is new to them, so you can be sure that everyone will have a great time!

6. Less Stress

Traditional weddings require lots of time, planning, and efforts to put everything together: choosing a venue, making sure everyone is invited, speaking to the local florist, photographer, DJ, thinking about marriage licenses…Destination weddings, on the other hand, are most often planned by onsite exerts who handle almost everything from scheduling group excursions and transportation to vendor contracts. So, feel free to relax and go get some tan on the beach.

7. Winter Wedding? You Don’t Have to Shiver

Besides the price, the second most important factor when choosing a wedding venue is the weather. No bride dreams about a wedding in December when she’ll have to cover herself with the groom’s jacket and the guests will have to under heat lamps. Choose a destination like Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, or Florida and enjoy the sunshine on your big day.

8. No Heels!

Did you know that almost 60% of brides would prefer their wedding to be remembered as a casual party instead of a formal event? Well, a wedding away allows you to ditch the heels and tuxes and have some real fun!

9. Destination Weddings Are More Affordable

Have you dismissed the idea of a destination wedding because you think it’s too expensive? Well, think again. When compared to hometown weddings, destination weddings are actually more affordable; the average couple can save more than $2k if they choose to celebrate their big day away. Just think about it: resorts in top destinations offer free-of-charge wedding planners and other perks like room upgrades. Plus, you don’t need any decoration because the scenery will be breathtaking. And if you want to save even more, make sure to book during the low season.

10. You Can Do It Your Way

You don’t like the fact that the ceremony takes more than 40 minutes? Or maybe you would like a dinner that is out of the fish-or-chicken standard? A destination wedding gives you an opportunity to customize every detail to your liking. Plus, every destination has its local customs that can be incorporated to infuse some cultural flavor into your big day.

11. You’ll Stand Out from the Crowd

Over two million couples wed every year in the US, but only 25% of them choose to have a destination wedding. A wedding away is definitely going to set you apart and save you the trouble of picking one of the three popular hometown spots your friends have booked.

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