Mike Green is no longer the offensive threat he once was, but the Washington Capitals defenseman is still looking to get paid this off-season.

Green is an unrestricted free agent, and is arguably one of the top players available this off-season. He has been one of the most recognizable names of the Capitals for the last seven years, even earning the nickname “Game Over Green” when he would routinely score game-winning goals during clutch time.

Green wasn’t only clutch, he was dominant. He scored 70+ points for two consecutive seasons, and seemingly was the best offensive defenseman the league had seen in years. However, some of that mojo was lost over the course of three seasons. Green only played in 116 games through the 2010-13 campaigns due to  numerous injuries.

Luckily, Green has bounced back in a big way. He played 70 games in 2013-14 and 72 games in 2014-15. It also seems that some of the magic he had early in his career had returned, as he scored 45 points this past season, and wasn’t even on the Capitals top power play unit for the majority of the season.

He kind of got lost in the shuffle with Washington. John Carlson took over as the team’s top blue-liner, and the team brought in Matt Niskanen and Brooks Orpik prior to the 2014 season.
There is a real shot at redemption for Green if he chooses to sign with another NHL roster, because he should once again be the focal point of the defensive attack.

Green does come with a hefty price tag. He made $6,250,000 last season, and it’s unlikely any team will be willing to sign him at that price. There will need to be a significant decrease in salary for any team to sign Green, but at the right price it could be a worthwhile move. A worthwhile option might be signing a one or two year deal and proving he is still one of the NHL elite.

While It’s not likely Mike Green is going to record 70 points again in a season, he does have a chance to hit the 45 mark, and depending on the team he signs with maybe more. There are numerous team’s looking for a top defenseman, and at the right price Mike Green is worth a gamble.

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