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Health and Fitness: Giving Yourself Grace, And Getting Those Legs On Fire!

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I have not worked out on a regular basis since it was mandated in high school. And there was that country line dancing class I took in college (see, this is why student loans are so high. But that is another post for another day).

So, when I started Beachbody nineteen days ago, I was really having a hard time pushing through, and even had to take a couple days break to let my muscles heal.

At first I was really bummed, but my husband then reminded me that;

1) it’s a good idea to let the muscles heal and 2) I am doing way more working out then I did before, since I wasn’t working out at all.

So, I took a few days off and then started back up. I picked a rather difficult workout today (at least it was for me) and had to pause it a couple of times and even skipped through a portion of it.


A few days ago, I posted in my Challenge Group (which still has two spots open!) that we spoke about giving yourself grace. Grace when you mess something up. Grace when you forget to do something, or forgot about that appointment. Grace when you need some extra rest. Grace when you wake up and realize that you forgot to run the dishwasher last night.

Every day is a new day, so if something goes awry today, shake it off, learn from it, and go at it again tomorrow.  So, give yourself some grace, and give it to the people around you, because you never know when someone’s legs are on fire!

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