Part one of my American Athletic Conference preview is going to be Tulane Green Wave, I am going to do one team each day. In each article, I will give you a best case/worst case scenario for each team. Tulane finished last season 4-8 they had some games that could have went their way. Which would have given them a different outlook for the season.

First the best case scenario for Tulane, they open with Grambling State.  This is a winnable game and will get them started off right but the next 2 are rough.  With road games at Navy and Oklahoma best case scenario for Tulane is to win of those 2 games. They come back home for 2 games one is Army and the other is Tulsa. They win both and are now sitting at 4-1 through their first 5 games. Road game to FIU is next up and another winnable game for Tulane. South Florida and Memphis are up next again best case is a split of those games. Which would put them at 6-2 with the toughest 4 game stretch left to play. Cincinnati, East Carolina, Houston, and SMU is their next 4 best case is they win 3 out of 4 and finish the season 9-3.  If they do this it will put them in the mix to win the West Division.

Worst Case scenario for Tulane is they exit their road game from Oklahoma 1-2.  They then drop their 2 home games against Army and Tulsa, sending them to 1-4 on the season. The next 3 games are against FIU, South Florida, and Memphis.  They drop 2 out of 3 from those and now are 2-6. Final stretch of 4 games could possibly go 1-3 for them which would end their record at 3-9.

Some players to watch for Dontrell Hillard RB, Braynon Edwards DT , Taris Shenall FS, Jabril Clewis WR.  If these guys can over acheive than Tulane can be closer to that best case scenario then the Worst Case. Which of these situations do I think will happen, somewhere in between.  I believe they will end up at 4-8 as they have a pretty formidable schedule and their team hasnt gotten that much better.

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