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As the 2018 NBA Finals shift to Cleveland, Ohio the Golden State Warriors hold a commanding 2-0 lead.

Behind Stephen Curry’s nine 3-pointers, the Cavs had no answer. Cleveland would make a push and Curry would answer. Splash away. Led by LeBron James’ near triple double, Cleveland can only hope to get back in the series now that the scene shifts back to Quicken Loans Arena.

Just like in the Bay Area, Cavs fans will be posted up inside the “Q” ready to rock. The Cleveland scene should be pretty raucous for the country to see .

The third Quarter of these NBA Playoffs have belonged to Golden State. If the Warriors can continue to blow up the third quarter, they will probably, most likely, blowup this series. Enter, Lebron James. The “King” has been masterful against the Warriors yet again. Dropping 51 points in game 1 and excelling as a distributor in game 2.

The Cavs have to make shots.

They have to make shots when they’re open! If the Cavs continue to miss open shots, Golden State will be dancing in the streets of “The Land” soon. Kevin Love has no business guarding Steph Curry.

Too slow with feet and hand checking. A mixture of Jordan Clarkson and JR Smith could work. Kevin Durant has had a slow, methodical series so far. He hadn’t blown up.


It’s like waiting for a volcano to erupt. You know it’s coming when you see the mountain shake . If the Cavs allow ”Mount Durant” to erupt, it’s curtains for Cleveland. . LeBron has got to go and score at will. Forget distribution, he has to be the force all night and all series long in order for the Cavs to have a chance.

Tristan Thompson has to try and tip in a few on the offensive boards. JaVell McGee made a huge impact when he was roaming around the rim. Thompson has got to match the tip in contributions from McGee, Draymond Green, and David West. Andre Iguodala is back and should make a difference contesting shots, as well as knocking down buckets. Look for him to try and slow down LeBron.

If the Cavs can match buckets throughout the game, they have a real good chance of winning game three. I said it before, Cavs in seven. I’m sticking with it. Too much LeBron James.

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