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Manny Machado: Ranking The Top Five MLB Trade Deadline Fits

With the MLB trade deadline approaching, the biggest question still remains. Where will Baltimore Orioles slugger Manny Machado end up? Most experts say Machado will end up on a team that is close to winning a World Series. These are in my opinion the best five teams that would be the best fit for Machado. 5. New York Yankees. - Can you imagine Machado sandwiched somewhere is this potent lineup?
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LeBron James: Is The King About To Bring A Showtime Reboot To Hollywood?

“Magic to Worthy, Worthy Back to Magic, Magic No Look Pass to Byron Scott! SLAM DUNK”! Sound familiar? The priceless call of Chick Hearn. The “Showtime” Lakers were the beast of the 80’s. Five NBA Titles to be exact. They were the “Box Office” show in the league. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal shortly after brought Tinsel Town back to greatness with three more titles in the early 2000’s. You
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LeBron James: Will The Cavs Lack Of A Supporting Cast Cost Them The King?

Now that NBA Finals is over, the question remains about what LeBron James will do this summer? It was clear that the Cleveland Cavaliers had no supporting cast to hang with the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. No true point guard really hurt Cleveland in this series. The inability to control and protect the rim down low also hurt. The inability to sink any open shots, dug themselves deeper in
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Opinion: The Best—And Most Devastating—Strikeout Pitch In Baseball Is…

A blazing fastball, a 12-6 hammer or a nasty slide piece? These pitches are down right “nasty”. But, what is the most dominating pitch in Major League Baseball? It depends on, A. Who the pitcher is. B. How much command he has of the pitch. Experts say that a good fastball is the remedy to put hitters away. Yes and no. For example, if you get a hitter in an
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2018 NBA Finals: Down 0-2, Cavs Need More LBJ, Less Distribution!

As the 2018 NBA Finals shift to Cleveland, Ohio the Golden State Warriors hold a commanding 2-0 lead. Behind Stephen Curry’s nine 3-pointers, the Cavs had no answer. Cleveland would make a push and Curry would answer. Splash away. Led by LeBron James’ near triple double, Cleveland can only hope to get back in the series now that the scene shifts back to Quicken Loans Arena. Just like in the
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2018 NBA Finals: Why The Golden State Warriors Are The Toast Of The League

The Western Conference has seen many upper echelon teams in decades past. The “Showtime” Lakers, the “Clutch City” Rockets and of course Gregg Popovich’s Spurs. Nowadays, there is a new team that has emerged in the same conversation alongside these teams. The Western Conference supremacy runs through the Bay Area. Oakland to be exact. The Golden State Warriors are the best in the West. Again. The addition of Kevin Durant
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Cleveland Cavaliers: Make That Eight Straight NBA Finals For LeBron James!

Those that decided to write off The King are pretty much in awe. The TD Garden that was once filled with Celtic Pride is now filled with Cavalier respect. The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Boston Celtics 87-79 in Game 7 of the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday night. All the nay-sayers can ask about this Cavs team is “how the hell did they win”? Easy answer, LeBron James. This
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MLB Jewels! The Top Ten Baseball Ballparks You Need To Visit!

The days of the “cookie cutter” stadiums in Major League Baseball have been long gone. Newer, innovative stadiums with all the perks have taken over. When you look at it, most modern baseball stadiums have become more fan friendly these days. Whether you live on the East Coast, West Coast, the Deep South and Midwest, baseball parks are modern as can be. This countdown of these crowned jewels will be
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New York Yankees: Who Is The Greatest Bronx Bomber Of Them All?

The Bronx, New York has been center stage in quite a bit of baseball memories. The Yankee faithful have been through thick and thin since the days of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and Derek Jeter. The question is… who is the greatest Yankee of all? Fans will tell you that there are so many to choose from. The Bronx Bombers have produced 34 Hall Of Fame players. The
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MLB: Is An Electronic Strike Zone Coming?

Cmon Blue!! That ball was outside!! Can we get some help Blue? Sound familiar? Yep, that’s the sounds of MLB dugouts arguing ball and strikes with umpires. The fact of the matter is, the umpires are getting worse each and every day. Now, being a former player myself, I never argued with any umpire when a call didn’t go my way personally. I was brought up in the “old school