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Taven Bryan (November 4, 2017- Source: Ed Zurga/ Getty Images North America)
Taven Bryan (November 4, 2017- Source: Ed Zurga/ Getty Images North America) Taven Bryan (November 4, 2017- Source: Ed Zurga/ Getty Images North America)
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2018 NFL Draft: Florida Defensive Tackle Taven Bryan

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ARLINGTON- There is a defensive tackle in the 2018 NFL draft that looks like and plays similar to JJ Watt. His unreal strength and dense muscular frame will spell doom for quarterbacks. Florida Gators defensive tackle Taven Bryan is the next defensive lineman that offensive coordinators will fear.

After looking at the game film, it is safe to say that Bryan is an absolute freak of nature. He makes getting past defensive tackles look like child’s play. He is a hammer that will nail quarterbacks a lot. It’s safe to say that fans will know him as the next sure thing defensive tackle like Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy and Fletcher Cox. He also has great pursuit ability to chase down and pressure quarterbacks.  He is also so massive, he can take on two or three offensive lineman at one time, allowing other defenders to get tackles. According to NFL.com, scouts believe that Bryan still needs to develop his power ability and sharpen his instincts. He is clearly first round talent but there are some doubts regarding his status as a surefire year one starter.

He had four sacks per year which is actually low for a defensive tackle with his size. However, he has the potential to be one of the most feared defensive tackles of all time. He just needs proper coaching in order to enhance his abilities and unleash his potential. Scouts think Bryan has rare athletic ability. There could be a team or two that would start him immediately to speed up his progress. Bryan is 6-1, 291 pounds. He came a long way from being a mid rated high school defensive tackle to being the second best defensive tackle in the draft. He comes from a military family so chances are the team that drafts him will have a defensive lineman with a blue-collar and can do, positive attitude. There is no doubt he will do what coaches say and will work extremely hard to become a starter. Bryan recorded 62 total tackles in his career at Florida, 10.5 which were for lost yards.




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