September 24 2017: Dallas Goedert (Photo by Dave Eggen/Inertia)
September 24 2017: Dallas Goedert (Photo by Dave Eggen/Inertia) September 24 2017: Dallas Goedert (Photo by Dave Eggen/Inertia)
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2018 NFL Draft: South Dakota State Tight End Dallas Goedert

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ARLINGTON- Dallas Goedert is the top ranked tight end prospect in the 2018 NFL Draft. He is another vertical threat tight end that fans are seeing more often. Goedert is 6 feet, 5 inches tall and 255 pounds. He clearly has the size to be a tight end in the NFL. Size isn’t everything for a tight end though.

The era of drafting tight ends as pass and run blockers only was over years ago. Tight ends are becoming more reliable red zone threats that quarterbacks rely on. Tight ends have the size and toughness to make tough catches in the end zone in traffic. Goedert has the size, toughness and body control to make the tough catches in traffic. The game film shows him catching 50/50 passes in double and triple coverage. Yes, Goedert can beat defenders even when he faces triple coverage. Quarterbacks can just throw his way and expect him to come up with unbelievable catches. Some fans may even call some of his receptions downright lucky. Call it luck but this tight end is unstoppable. The team that drafts him will see increased red zone production.

Goedert isn’t the best blocking tight end so coaches will need to help him develop good blocking fundamentals. It’s also important to remember that he comes from South Dakota State. He may not have been tested against the sort of defense he is going to see at the next level. This is something that scouts are likely taking into consideration. However, the small school argument can be dismissed sometimes. This is clearly one of the times to throw the small school argument out the window. The team that has a dire need for a tight end or a solid complimentary one should select Goedert and feel comfortable putting him in a starting role right away. He needs to develop polished blocking skills and route running ability. However, Goedert is going to be one of the top receiving tight ends of all time. He caught 72 passes for 1,111 yards and seven touchdowns in 2017. He averaged 15.1 yards last season.

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