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3 Best Way to Clean a Silk Area Rug

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Handmade silk area rug is the most exclusive rug. This is an expensive rug compared to another area carpet. Handmade silk area rug is hand-woven in only hand knotted technique. Due to the pure silk, it is a highly durable rug. Silk rug always contains multiple colors and traditional pattern. Silk is a natural fiber, which is produced by cocoon when it produced larvae in silkworm. Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers but when it gets wet; its strength is reduced to 20%. It is known for its ability to refract light; silk can be used to make shimmery carpet. Regular cleaning methods like hot water and steam cleaning can damage silk fibers, so commercial cleaning is recommended for all silk rugs. You can use hot water, hard brush etc. to clean wool area rugI am going to tell you about some easy methods which you can use especially for the silk area rug.

Use these tips to Clean Silk Rugs:

  1. Vacuum Regularly: Handmade silk area rug is very expensive. Therefore for vacuuming a silk area rug, if you use a regular vacuum cleaner then it may destroy the pile. So you can use a brushless suction to vacuum silk rugs. You should vacuum your rug on daily basis or once a week. If you think that any dust particles are reaming on the carpet then you can clean it using a soft broom. You can also shake the rug outside. This also will help air out the rug to remove any odors.
  2. Remove Debris from Carpet: If possible then remove the stain or debris from the carpet before it gets dry. You can use a spoon to take out debris from carpet but you should pay attention to not scraping the rug fibers. Any scrapping speed can tear the silk carpet. If the debris gets dried then use liquid and spay on the debris and after that repeat the above process. For removing liquid spills from carpet, you can apply soda or club soda. Find the affected area of carpet and then take a white cotton cloth. Take a little amount of the club soda onto a clean cloth and blot the stain. Use a dry cloth to absorb any excess club soda. Never use heat, such as a hairdryer, to dry the area because heat may damage a silk rug. You can place it in shadow for dry. If you don’t have club soda then you can take vinegar and water in equal amount and can make a solution and after that follow the same process of club soda. 
  3. Baking Soda for Removing Dark Spots: Baking soda method is the easiest method which you can apply for removing solid spots from the handmade carpet. First, find the affected area on the carpet and then take baking soda. After that, Sprinkle baking soda on the rug and leave it for one hour. When it gets dried then vacuum it using the vacuum method which I already described in the first point in this article. 

Above three methods you can use to clean your beautiful exclusive silk rug and can increase the durability of your carpet. A handmade silk area rug needs high maintenance so use it for the low traffic area. 

Author Bio: Shivani is a professional interior decorator who likes to blog about latest home decorating trends. She believes that it is very important to have a comfortable and well styled personal space in each house as it’s crucial to living a happy and healthy life. You can read her latest posts on Rugs and Beyond. 

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  1. All the tips are very important to clean a silk area rugs. A silk rug is very expensive so we can try normal DIYs on it. Some of the very useful Tips given by you. Thanks for posting such a great content.

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