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3 Common Window A/C Problems That Need To Be Resolved

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Having an air conditioner at home is an excellent way of keeping your room cool. One type of air conditioner is the window A/C, this type of a/c is efficient for small areas or bedrooms. Window A/C’s are for single rooms, and it’s easy to install than the other types of air conditioners. However, there are downfalls of having a window air conditioner.

Sometimes window A/C’s can be too noisy, making you irritable and hard to sleep. The noises your window A/C is emitting may have been a problem with the installation or the quality itself.

If you ignore the sounds that your A/C is producing, it may become a significant problem and become a considerable expense too. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can enjoy your room and have a relaxing day. Here are some of the possible problems why your A/C is producing noise.

Make Sure It’s Properly Installed

If you own a window air conditioner for a while now, the annoying rattling sound may be because of the loose ends of the A/C. Your air conditioner may be no longer tight in the edges of the window frame, which causes the annoying vibration and shaking sound against the structure.

To check this problem, you can try to push the A/C a little to cover up the spaces or seal the edges tightly to eliminate the noises your A/C is making.  


Check the motors of your A/C if it needs lubrication. Air condition motors that need lube may emit a grinding or humming sound. If you ever hear this sound in your air conditioner, you may need professional assistance to lubricate the fan motor.

It is hard to locate where to put the lube, and if you don’t know the internal mechanics of an air conditioner, you can visit https://classicairconditioningandheating.com/. It is a reliable online website for air condition services. You can ask for their assistance if you’re having problems with your air conditioner.

Loose Screws

When an air conditioner is vibrating while functioning, there are a lot of possibilities that your A/C is having problems with its screws.  Loose screws are the most common issues that air conditioners have, especially when you have that air conditioner for quite a while now.

To solve this kind of problem,  you can turn off your air conditioner and try to check if there are losing screws. A few turns could easily fix your A/C.


Mostly, if you hear something unsettling about your air conditioner, it’s a good idea to turn it off directly and have it checked by an air conditioning maintenance expert. Having an air conditioner may give you a lot of benefits at home, but if you’re taking advantage of it, you may have a hard time fixing your A/C when it starts to show any problems.

It may cost you a lot to repair your broken A/C and you have to face the fact that it’s not convenient having a broken A/C, so a scheduled tune-up and inspection may be an excellent plan to prevent future issues.

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