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3 Things to Remember When Deciding to Get a Custom-Made Wedding Dress

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While every woman is unique in her own way, they all have one thing in common with each other. Namely it is having dreamed about their wedding day at some point in their life. While each woman’s respective thoughts on their wedding day could be extremely different than another’s it all boils down to one overriding aspect, that the day is about you.

This is why you should be able to have the day be as close to your idealized vision as is possible and part of that is finding your dream gown. This is a task in itself, and ideally, you should go with a customized wedding dress to get exactly what you want. However, getting a custom-made gown can be a challenging experience. The following are some of the things to be aware of when opting for a custom-made wedding dress.

What Does Having Your Wedding Dress Custom Made Really Entail?

Getting your wedding dress custom-made means that you are getting one made for an individual order which is, essentially, when you and your seamstress design-your-wedding-dress together so that your gown is one of a kind and is sewn from scratch. Opting to have your dress made this way can be extremely exciting.

Because it can be exhausting, no bride should ever choose this path lightly. A bride needs to be aware of the potential costs on top of the time frame it will take to have the dress made. She should also know what to expect so there won’t be any surprises.

Start with an Idea of What Your Budget Will Be

Before you decide on the dressmaker you will hire to make your dress, you must have an approximate idea of what your budget will be. Then you should factor in an additional 20% just in case to cover any unforeseen events. The amount you budget will help the dressmaker decide on the fabrics she can use as well as any potential limitations.

Discussing the budget at the start of the design process will help the seamstress be clear about your expectations and it will enable you to be comfortable with the fabrics the seamstress chooses. While most designers will come up with a way to make your budget work, they will also make suggestions for ways to integrate design elements they love while keeping them within your budget. Just be sure the seamstress knows you are the boss and have final say as some designers will only use premium fabrics, due to their pride in making quality gowns.

Be Prepared for Your Ideas to Evolve – Including the Cost

Just because you have a rough idea of how your dress will be made doesn’t mean that is how it will work out. Be prepared for ideas to change especially as you look at techniques the seamstress may have to complement your design. Being open minded is important as it is quite possible to find you like the seamstress’s ideas better than your own. Understand that changes to the concept of the dress could cause the price to change some.

Some designers may cap their prices and may even include accessories like the veil in the cost but if, for example, you decide to go with a beaded lace instead of a dry lace, the overall price may now be much more than originally anticipated. This is why before any changes are made, you should ask the seamstress where you are in terms of the budget. This will prevent you from getting a case of sticker shock from the new price. This is another reason why communication with your designer/seamstress is so important from the start.

Getting a custom-made wedding dress can be a great idea. It is just important to remember to stay on the same page as the seamstress/designer so that there won’t be any surprises when the dress is finished. This way you can be assured of having a unique gown you will love wearing on your special day.

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