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4 Things Should Consider When Doing Contract Work

Signing a lucrative contract is an immense joy, especially if it is our first time or we have been unemployed for a long time. However, before “planting” our rubric, there is information that we must know. Firstly, because it is important to check that all the data is correct and coincide with what we had agreed (if we sign something with which we do not agree, then it will be more difficult to change it).

And secondly, because in recent years fraudulent job offers have emerged , from companies seeking to profit at the expense of workers, and we have to avoid being deceived.

Below, we leave you some basic notions so that you become familiar with employment contracts, be prepared when the time comes to sign them and do it in a responsible, conscious and consistent manner.

1. Get your Social Security Affiliation Number

It is the first thing that a company must ask you before signing a contract. If it doesn’t, it would be hiring you illegally. The Social Security number is what identifies you as a citizen and includes you as a beneficiary of the system. Without this number you cannot work and you are also excluded from all social benefits, including the health system, unless you are in the capacity of someone else’s beneficiary. To get your Social Security number you can go to any office of the General Treasury of Social Security, requesting an appointment or process it online on the Social Security website.

2. Verify that the contract has the official Badge of the Ministry of Labor

Make sure that the contract has, in the heading, the official distinctive of the Ministry and that it is specified that it is an employment contract (note: if you put a commercial contract it implies that the worker has to become self-employed, assuming the appropriate costs).

3. Meticulously review the company data

To make sure that the company is trustworthy, the first thing you should do is seek information online: what appears about it when you google the name? All large companies have a website, but if it is not known, you should pay special attention to the information reflected in the contract. The CIF of the company (the number that identifies it), its company name, address, country and the municipality where it operates must always appear. The “Data of the workplace” must also appear where the physical place is and where you will carry out your work must be specified. In this way, you will avoid being sent to a center in another city and / or country without wanting to.

4. Review the personal data and working duration

This point is easier. Check that all the information that appears about you is correct: DNI, name and surname, date of birth, educational level. Are you going to work full time or part time? Normally, this information is reflected in weekly hours. A 40-hour day is full-time and is usually spread over 8 hours a day. In the case of working weekends, it must also be indicated. On the other hand, it is essential that the start date is reflected, if the contract is permanent or temporary and if there is a trial period.

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