Birthdays are a celebration of our life so far. There are few things nicer than receiving a considered and well thought out birthday gift. It is not only a fabulous surprise but will make us feel loved and cherished.

If you are the one organizing the presents however, it can be hard knowing what to buy for that special someone. Here are a few amazing surprise birthday gift ideas which will hopefully provide some inspiration.

Plan a surprise party

Whilst not a gift in the traditional sense, arranging a surprise party can bring so much joy and is a lovely thing to do for any birthday. Write a list of everyone you want to be there to celebrate their special day including family, friends and work colleagues. Make contact with as many people as you can giving as much notice as possible. Book a venue, arrange music or entertainment and most importantly make sure all the guests know that it’s a secret!

Getting the birthday girl or boy to the venue might be the trickiest part of the planning process. Telling your loved one that you are going for dinner with friends is a good idea. They are unlikely to suspect a thing. When they arrive at the venue, they will be very surprised and extremely happy that all the people they love and adore are there to celebrate with them.

Buy concert tickets

This is an amazing gift idea for any music lover. Perhaps they have a band they have always wanted to see or a gig they are desperate to go to but can’t afford. Surprising them with tickets for a concert is guaranteed to make their birthday a truly memorable one. Instead of just presenting them with tickets, there are a few cool ways you can announce your surprise. Buy the artists’ CD and pop the tickets inside the cover. Another fun idea is to create a music lovers’ hamper. You can add lots of music-related goods like a CD, a fan T-shirt, music-note shaped chocolates, to name but a few. Print out the concert setlist, roll it up with the tickets inside and add some ribbon to make a scroll. They will get the shock of their life when they realize what you have bought for them!

Buy a gift experience

Maybe he has always wanted to drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Maybe she has always wanted to abseil from the top of a high rise building or swim with sharks. Whatever the chosen activity, a gift experience can be a great way to do something completely out of the ordinary.

Getting away from it all

A lovely way to surprise a loved one or partner is to take them away somewhere. Booking a surprise holiday is a real treat but does require some organizing and planning. Firstly, decide where you want to take them. Perhaps you want to go for a week to their dream city or maybe they would love a few days in a country spa retreat getting away from it all and relaxing. If you are going slightly further afield, make sure you have the necessary travel documentation in place. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have the necessary time off work approved for you both before booking. If you are going abroad, creating a birthday card that looks like a plane ticket is a great idea. Include details of your trip as well as a birthday greeting and wait for their reaction.  If you want it to be a complete surprise, tell them you are going out for the day to celebrate their birthday. Have a bag packed and don’t tell them about your trip until you arrive at the airport or hotel. They will be over the moon!

Create a photobook

A photobook is an extremely thoughtful gift that can be looked at for years to come. It can take a very long time to plan, so try and be as organized as possible. Some of the nicest photobooks contain not only recent images but photographs of the past. Old school photographs; photos depicting special times with loved ones who are no longer here; pictures of newborns, weddings and other celebrations. Ask the recipients friends and family for help so you can build up a picture of their life so far through photos. A special book filled with love and memories is a gift which most will treasure forever.


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