Let’s talk birthdays.

A couple of friends told me recently birthdays have become a burden for them. And it had a lot to do with kids, they told me. Such a stance got me thinking. Why do we let the weight of life to saddle us down to such an extent that we can no longer find the same joy in celebrating our own birthdays? Where did that kid inside us go?

The birthday celebration is meant to be a special event and there is not a load of duties, responsibilities of tiresome obligations that should prevent you from sharing your special day with the people you love. I already hear some of you quoting the lack of money as an obvious excuse as well, but that’s why the Inscriber Magazine is here to offer a solution.

You don’t need to splash the cash on a fancy venue, your home will do. Additionally, it’s bound to take you back down the memory lane and awake the sleepy kid inside you – together with a full set of positive emotions as you reminisce on your childhood birthday party memories.

Now that the venue has been sorted, we need to tick the following boxes:

• Choose the Date

• Plan the Theme

• Plan the Budget

• Prepare the Guest List

• Send out the Invitations

As far as the date goes, the weekend should be the obvious choice here. This increases the chances your guests will be available – and keener, importantly – than during the work week. The second and third instances on the list go hand in hand as you can’t plan your budget without the actual idea on what you want to do.

In order to keep the light tone alive throughout this brainstorming article, we’d like to propose a theme that will be a perfect blend of the mischievous sentiment of youth and the carelessness any birthday party should invoke – a casino theme.

Contrary to a popular opinion, casino-themed birthday party does not necessarily have to involve big funds. Make yourself a croupier, welcome your guests and lead them on through your home-turned-casino for the night.

A table in the corner could come with a blackjack set where crackers could act as casino chips. Throw in a rule stating that a losing hand is penalized with a shot of a designated drink and you have yourselves a hit for the night.

There are so many ideas you could implement without spending too much money. You could even organize a video beam slot competition, streaming free slot games onto your living room wall, which is sure to generate plenty of attention among your friends.

Options are limitless so we suggest you sat down and trimmed the options and casino games you’d like to incorporate in order to make sure all of them fit your dwelling area. You will probably want to keep your bedroom out of the casino combination and limit the theme to just a few selected rooms in your apartment.

The cake will be the most demanding item on the list. You need one that matches the theme, obviously. Fortunately, bakers today are proper artists and all you need to do is to lay down your blueprint and they will make it happen. Let us throw a couple of ideas your way – personalized poker chips with your image ornamenting the cake do sound like a great detail. The centerpiece kit could involve a set of playing cards, suits or some dice.

As you prepare the guest list, make sure to enlist a helper and identify that one person that will help you pull this event through. Couples can turn planning a casino themed party into a joined activity whereas the singles are encouraged to ask their best friends for help organizing it all.

Once you’ve sent out the invitations that’s when things are becoming real and all that’s left to do is to loosen up and welcome another year of your amazing life instead of commonplace moaning of another one under the belt.

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