Do you prefer matching bedroom sets? The latest trends would have you mix and match your furniture, buying pieces across brands and in colors that contrast in an aesthetically pleasing way. This is how most most professional decorators do it, because it gives the room a more unique design. But if you really have your eye on one particular bedroom set, there is no reason you should be discouraged from purchasing it.

 There are many other ways to spruce up a room and add those contrasting elements. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways you can play with color and pattern in your master bedroom while still enjoying your chosen bedroom set.

Start with the walls

If you have a solid color upholstery, take the opportunity to dress up your walls with some patterned or textured wall coverings. Choose from traditional wallpaper, fabric wall coverings, or removable/washable tapestries.

Don’t forget the wall art

Wall art is a great way to make a statement. Get creative. Set aside part of your budget for one large statement piece, then let your personality and interests take over to decorate the rest. Have at least a bit of something on each wall to make it feel more homey. This also gives you more opportunities to add splashes of color.

Lamps, fresh flowers, and table art

If you don’t have a headboard that lights up you probably want a lamp on either side of the bed resting on the nightstands. Use this chance to make a statement and express your personal flare, as there are many, many designs and shapes to choose from. You might also consider sprucing things up in the spring with fresh flowers or other table art. This is not only for indoor spaces.Table art can enhance outdoor spaces too.

Choose a complimentary rug

Once you have reached this point you will have a definite color theme emerging. Now is the time to tie all of those contrasting colors together in a complimentary rug. The rug should have at least one primary color from the decor and one primary color from the bedroom set. The area rug can also make a statement.

Use throws and pillows for final touches

Give yourself some freedom here to add some more touches of your personality and interests. Perhaps you choose a Harry Potter themed throw of similar colors to your decor. You can also get many decorative pillows to place around the room, depending on the pieces you include in your bedroom set.

 Ready to start shopping for the matched set of your dreams? If you would like to start with a matched bedroom set, you can Go URL furniture stores that have large and diverse inventories. If you have a color theme in mind, try searching the site with color keywords to find the right matching bedroom set for your master bedroom.



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