Being a brand new restaurant owner can be a pretty hectic experience. There are so many things to consider and important decisions to make, which is why we’re fairly certain that restaurant furniture is not your top priority at the moment. Still, it is extremely important for it to match the mood and image of your venue.

Choice of seating is one of the central parts of a restaurant’s interior design. That is why you should browse all of the options on the market and make a solid plan before purchasing anything. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind when choosing the right commercial chair for your space.

Style and Comfort

When it comes to any kind of furniture, style and comfort are the two features that should always go hand in hand. Often, we come across restaurant chairs that are super trendy but extremely uncomfortable. While we do agree that you should try to follow the latest trends, cool interior design should not be your only aim.

After all, what’s the purpose of having stylish pieces if your guests can’t sit on them for more than 10 minutes because they are too uncomfortable? Finding the right balance between comfort and trendiness should be your ultimate goal. For instance, experts recommend sticking to classic designs and picking normal height chairs rather than going for something like barstools.

Versatility and Functionality

Restaurant furniture should be both versatile and functional at the same time. Depending on the location of your restaurant, you can pick the chairs that work well in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with your space beforehand. For example, don’t forget to check the overall size of your restaurant. You don’t want to order chairs that are so large they won’t even fit in your restaurant or so heavy that you have to hire an entire crew to move them. Therefore, you should plan the layout of your furniture to increase the functionality of your space. You can even consider getting chairs that can be folded so that you can move them around easily and create extra space when needed.

Material and Color

Picking the right commercial chairs for your restaurant can quickly turn into an arduous task. Not only will you need to find the right balance between functionality and design, but you’ll also have to pay attention to colors and materials. The material should be durable and easy to maintain. Furthermore, your chairs should be sturdy enough to handle continuous everyday use.

As far as colors are concerned, there is actually an entire science behind this. Experts say that red and orange are an excellent choice because they supposedly have an appetizing effect. Of course, sticking to neutrals is always a safe bet, as this will make your space appear more inviting. Also, using wooden chairs instead of metal ones will add warmth to your restaurant.


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