Electric radiators are devices which utilize the electric energy to produce heat. They are large and hefty and often spoil the look of the place where they are fitted. But because of their utility in winters, they come very handy to beat the cold and provide a comfortable living temperature.

If your electric radiator looks a bit sloppy due to its use over a period of time and you are fishing for solutions to envelop its poor upkeep, then you can expect an answer. There are a number of ways in which you can hide the weary radiator and convert the place occupied by it into a modish spot of your home.

Take a look at some of the ways to do it.

1. Pallets to make a radiator cover

Pallets are made of pallet wood and can be used as an elegant furniture part to enhance your home décor. You can use pallets and cover the radiator with fine planks of the wood in any fashion so that the radiator is concealed and at the same time you get a gorgeous piece of the shelf.


You can adorn that corner where the radiator rests by keeping small items on the top pallet. You can even paint the pallets in different colors to compliment your home’s interior.

If your radiator looks clean and appears in good shape you can dispense with a full electric radiator cover and just place a pallet on the top to be used as a shelf.

2. Bookcase over your electric radiator cover

Those of you who would love to have a small in-house library can think of it and why not over your electric radiators cover? This will become a great way to camouflage the radiator with a magnificent book case.

With a splendid book case, not only will you home be complimented; it would be hard for people to guess what is inside the clandestine covers. You will be able to make space for storing or keeping books in the most unlikely place inside your home.

You can also keep some painted pottery alongside the books and other complimenting stuff and create a smart storage space.

3. Radiator Cabinet for the electric radiator in your hallway

Who wants a shoddy entrance to his home? And if your electric radiator is ruining the amazing home interiors you have, then time has come you change it into something else.

If you feel that the radiator installed at the entry of your hallway is the first glimpse of your house that a guest would get, then you can opt for a radiator cabinet. A sleek and chic cabinet to hide your electric radiator will transform that place’s look into something else.

You can also decorate the space above the cabinet with pictures, clocks, vase hangings, etc. and nobody will get an idea as to what lies beneath that crazy decoration.

4. Bar table for radiator under the table

If you are an avid cocktail drinker, you would absolutely love this idea. A bar table is another great idea to cover the radiator. You can construct a bar table made of fine and shiny wood with a number of cabinets and space to pull across chairs for sipping a lager.

You can also keep glass cabinets and store your kegs of cocktails and beers as well as stylish wine glasses. But make sure that the place is not a precarious one that it breaks your bottles.

Hang a beautiful lamp from above and change it into a beautiful corner to enjoy occasional binges.

5. Bamboo Cover for the electric radiator

It is one of the easiest ways to hide all the ugly stuff. This method will not squeeze your purse strings and afford a cut-rate fashion to make a put-on for your radiator. Bamboo is a widely used piece of furniture that can transform any run-of-the-mill place into a luxurious spot.

If you cannot afford to build expensive bookcases or cabinets to veil your electric radiator, then don’t lose heart. Bamboo planks can act as a grand piece of furniture to shroud your electric radiator in its grace. If you want, you can even paint the bamboos in line with the color of your room.

You cannot get a better and cheaper option for covering the electric radiator at home in comparison to those slender bamboos.


Not only these, but there are also different ideas to hide the electric radiator such as by covering it in a cabinet of lattice wood, under the stairs and covering them with some material, durable wood that can endure the radiator’s heat, use a baroque design, beaded curtains, kid’s shelf etc.

We know that home is your heart and who does not love to embellish his humble abode? With these ideas, you can get rid of that worn-out look of the radiator.

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