healthy diet for your child

Providing the right kind of nutrition to your child in their growing years plays a very important role in their growth and development. Deficiency of nutrients at this stage can lead to certain conditions some of which may last throughout the life of the child. Hence as a parent it is important to focus on what your child is eating. It may sometimes seem difficult to feed your children with the right kind of food and you may be tempted to give in to their cravings of junk food, but it is important to introduce them to a wide range of food early on in their life so that they get a chance to develop a taste for them. Listed below are few items that can be a part of the healthy diet for your child.

Dairy products like milk and yogurt

Milk forms a major source of energy during the growing years of a child. But as the age increases the intake of milk also decreases. Milk is important not just for kids but for adults as well because it is an important source of calcium and vitamin D which play a crucial role in calcium metabolism and aid in bone development. On an average, children should drink 2-4 glasses of milk in a day depending on their age. If you feel your child is not drinking enough milk then you can replace it with other dairy products such as curd or yogurt.


Vegetables are a rich source of fiber and nutrients that are beneficial for both kids and adults. A vegetable based diet is something that will be advised by most Pediatrician Sugar Land. But that doesn’t mean that you have to force your kids to eat broccoli and spinach. You should introduce them to different kinds of vegetables early on in life and set a standard for them by eating all vegetables as a family. You can also get creative with the cooking in order to make your child eat their vegetables.


Apart from carbohydrates and fats, protein is an important part of a healthy diet for your child. The Pediatrics of Sugar Land are one of the most trusted pediatricians who have advised many families to include proteins such as eggs and fish in their child’s diet. Proteins are known as the building blocks of our body and are essential for the growth and development of children.


Fruits are and easy way to replace the unhealthy sugary snacks that is loved by most kids. They are sweet, juicy and appeal to most kids and hence make a healthy alternative to mid meal snacks. Additionally they contain vitamins and fiber which are important for a child’s overall development and aid in digestion.

Nuts and Seeds

Including a small amount of nuts and seeds such as almonds, sunflower seeds, ground nuts etc. as a part of the diet can provide the children with much needed magnesium, zinc, vitamins, folate, phosphorus and good fats. These nutrients help in the execution of various metabolic processes in our body and hence form an essential part of a child’s diet.

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