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5 Ideas for Amazing Statement of Purpose Writing

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A few essays in your lifetime are going to give you a hard time like the statement of purpose. You will never understand the pressure of summing all you have and hope to achieve, as you will in writing one.

Sometimes, it may feel like speaking about yourself in-person would be much more comfortable. However, as with all things we would like to opt out of but can’t, so is, statement of purpose writing.

If it feels intimidating or you don’t know where to start; here comes your rescue:

Pro Tips for SOP Writing

5 Ideas for Amazing Statement of Purpose Writing

  1. Share a Story

It is the chance to sell yourself, together with other application documents, in so many or few words. Therefore every single word you use should work towards making a good impression. It applies to the purpose of job application, too.

Brainstorm on ideas that you could use as a reflection on why you are making this particular application. Find memorable ways to share your story. However, you should be wary of coming off as arrogant.

Ensure that your sentences and paragraphs flow logically. Use the Introduction to let your personality shine. When you get to the Conclusion, tie everything up.

Please don’t use it to introduce something new.

  1. Be Unique

Many people tend to copy paste or do a few edits on the statement of purpose samples, they find. However, you have to keep in mind that the reviewers of the application will be going through several others.

Therefore; your application will only stand out if you are unique. Thus, try to capture the attention of the reader, beginning with the Introduction. It sets the tone for you and the reader.

Let positivity show from the piece. If you have to mention a challenge then, it should be one that you were able to overcome.

  1. Know Yourself

While many of us have made decisions without a clear way forward; you shouldn’t let this show in your SOP. You need to demonstrate how experience or achievements have brought you to this decision.

Guide the reader through your journey of how you came to be in this position. Do so, even if it’s in a statement of interest for internship.

Let Your Statements add Value

  1. Clarity and Conciseness in Writing is Essential

Depending on your eagerness to jot down your ideas, you may have too many or few words to tell your story. Most importantly, you have to stick to the given word limit. Often it’s a maximum of one page.

Use a few words as possible to convey your message. Refrain from giving vague details about yourself or ambitions. In that, the reader will be able to retain the presented information, later.

Be introspective about what you write. Also, remember to use appropriate language and vocabulary.

  1. Quantify your Statements

Numbers play an essential role when sharing information. It gives the reader a deeper depth of understanding of the story you share. Thus, it would be best if you shared measurable quantities of your achievements.

It gives the reader a clearer picture of the impact of your actions or decision. Also, numbers authenticate and give authority to what you say. Don’t forget to highlight the results of this.

Providing evidence will help you convince the reader of the truth.

Polishing Up the Personal Statement

The first draft is almost always, never perfect. There’s no need to fret about it. Take time to proofread the content. Get a break first, if you need to.

For some, reading out loud is more effective. Do what works and rectify any errors that you may identify. The final copy that you submit should be spot-on, persuasive, and memorable.

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