Maintenance Countertops

Since countertops cover the majority of your kitchen space, they dominate the entire appearance of your cooking area. They are, therefore, the most important element of your kitchens.

However, you should also know that countertops are an important accessory that makes your kitchen look modern while increasing its functionality element.

Naturally, something that is in volume can dig huge holes in your pockets, which means countertops, once installed, becomes an expensive affair to maintain. To have something that is as exciting as a countertop, you need to come up with handy options for maintaining them in cheaper ways.

A sure shot solution is to reach out to kitchen experts like Saturn Interiors for customised solutions.

Having said that, in order to help you go easy on your pockets while keeping the quality intact, here are some of our helpful ways that can assist in maintaining your countertops.

1. Use Recycled Glass 

Recycled glass is a relatively new and inexpensive way of creating countertops, as it looks aesthetically modern and needs low maintenance.

Simply put, the crushed glass is embedded in clear resin – the same kind of resin that is used in making solid surface countertops. The end product is nonporous and completely smooth for easy and quick cleaning.

Additionally, these countertops are trending in modern houses because of their look while being resistant to stains and heat.

To top that, you need not worry about sealing and the cost of installing is low too!

2. Go for Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel as a material for a countertop is as low-maintenance as it gets. In terms of maintaining, you do not need to worry about sealing or timely refinishing at all, while cleaning also requires a bare minimum. Something as easy as mild soap and water does a thorough job.

Stainless steel is also resistant to heat that is often present through hot pots in your kitchens, which makes it more apt for your dream space. However, make sure you choose quality steel for the long-lasting life of your countertops.

3. Opt for Solid Surfaces

Oftentimes, you come across unavoidable accidents that result in scratches on your countertops. Although, when you have solid surface countertops, you can easily sand it out since the pigment goes through the entire top.

Moreover, similar to the crushed glass resin countertops, these solid resin-made worktops are resistant to stain. Not only that, since resin is made from epoxy and acrylic, these kitchen countertops are known to be heat and impact resistant too.

The best selling solid surface countertops are Corian and Soapstone amongst others, meaning it’s ideal if you choose one of these for your cooking area.

The most important benefit of having this kind of countertop is that you can worry less about its upkeep and can quickly clean it with simple soap and water solution.

4. Laminate Your Countertop

Laminates are a boon for countertops; they come in various colours, sizes and many other advantages. It is also extremely affordable and requires very little maintenance.

Moreover, since these solid surfaces are nonporous, they are easy to clean. They do not need sealing or refinishing, so forget about those expenses forever!

Lastly, its affordable price gives you the liberty to replace it without huge expenses or change them whenever to match your creative moods. While at it, remember to spend on quality though, because it is the thickness of these laminates that decides the longevity of the look.

5. Quartz Countertops 

Quarts is the kind of material that instantly makes a space look elegant and poised; so if you choose to make your countertops out of quartz, you are naturally nailing the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Additionally, it is a perfect material because it has the looks and performance of stone, like granite or marble, excluding their inherited weaknesses. Similar to other low-maintenance countertop options, it is resistant to staining and is nonporous, making it easier to clean.

To top that, it is known to be an extremely durable and long-lasting kitchen countertop while being in a considerable and affordable window for purchasing.

Summing Up… 

If you think that mere information about the options for low maintenance countertops is enough to get you through, you’re wrong.

In order to complete this project, you need to research and introspect – introspection in terms of your kitchen space and research in terms of the material that would serve functionality and overall appearance of your kitchen.

After that, decide upon your budget; how much can you actually afford to spend on this decor?

Once that’s done, it’s time to alter the selections accordingly and while at it, do not forget to research about the countertop’s material’s cleaning maintenance before making the right choice!

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