The decision of being with somebody brings joy and happiness, but the decision of parting ways with that ‘somebody’ brings angst and pain to the same people. During this challenging phase, one needs a lawyer that they can place their trust on. Here are 5 qualities that one must look for while hiring a lawyer to get a divorce in Toledo.

Excellent communicator

A divorce lawyer must ensure that open communication takes place not only with the client but also with the spouse and the spouse’s attorney. This will facilitate a smooth and issue-free negotiation process, both inside and outside the court.

Letting your lawyer know about all your concerns and expectations helps a lot because then they know what is expected out of them and can explain things in court effectively.

The attorney should communicate the facts and stats about the case honestly to all the parties who have their stake in the case.

Availability and confidence

As you decide to finalize on a divorce lawyer, one must know about their workload and response time. Since lawyers work on multiple cases simultaneously, you cannot assume that they will be available for you immediately – as and when you approach them for anything. So, one must hire such a lawyer who doesn’t have so much on his/her plate already and can dedicate an adequate amount of time and resources to your case.

Divorce lawyers must have their perspective and the confidence to back what they think is right for the case.

Skill and experience 

  • A good divorce lawyer must have expertise in the arena of matrimonial law. Checking their credentials and the volume of work they have already done becomes to ensure that one is going to be represented well in court.
  • Good negotiation skills are a very crucial prerequisite for all lawyers. The attorney should be able to convince the spouse’s lawyer to settle for any problems in a way that benefits your interest the most. They must be competent to deal with complex cases ranging from high conflict custody to substantial net worth scenarios.


When events don’t work out as planned, the attorney must have the necessary knowledge and will to strategize as per the changed situation. Anything new can come up in a divorce case, so how one keeps his/her calm under pressure and is still able to hold a firm grip on the case is significant. You need someone who will not get frustrated while dealing with the spouse and the spouse’s attorney and also hold your interests strongly throughout the court negotiation.

Support and resources 

It is important to ensure that the divorce lawyer you have hired has got a good junior attorney or associate to cover for him/her when they can’t make it to the court hearing due to unforeseen events. This becomes crucial because you would never want your case to suffer or get delayed due to any such circumstances. Your lawyer must have the necessary support and resources at their disposal to prepare for the case efficiently.

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